Beauty Product Reviews

Just ugh..

Nah, nope, nah uh. I bought this on a recommendation from a beauty advisor because of my oily skin. Took as little as I could to cover my t-zone area. To me, it was a gritty feeling when applying it to my skin. Then it just left me oilier! Nah, not for me.


Now, this is just me, but I did not like this foundation. It was hard to blend and it did not cover well. No matter what I used, sponge or brush, it was not for me. It did nothing for my oily skin. Now my mother has it and she uses it. Oh well, I tried. :(

My, My, My! I just received VGG lipglass yesterday and let me tell you, this stuff is very opaque! You only need a teeny, tiny bit of it to coat your lips. On me without a liner, it looks milky. To get rid of that look, take a lip pencil that is compliments your complexion and it will look soo much better! I normally pair it with MAC Chestnut lip liner, NYX lip pencil in Dark Brown or NYX lip pencil in Mahogany. They all make the perfect pair to this lip glass!

Great Base!

I love this eyeliner! It is great as an eyeliner for the upper and lower lash line, but also as a base for the perfect smokey eye! It is waterproof and it lasts me all day. Best way to get this stuff off is by makeup wipes!

I can say that you only need the teeny tiniest bit of this stuff to get the job done. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because for the first time, my face did not feel tight afterwards and it is cheap for the amount you get. The one star is for it does help control oil somewhat, but not what I expected. Also, it does not remove makeup very good, so do not expect that when using it. Other than that, it is a very good cleanser for everyday use.

This scent is mesmerizing!

This is an old favorite of mine. My grandmother used it when she was living and that was all she wore. If I am not using Outspoken Intense by Fergie from Avon, I am using this. The scent smells like a sweet musky scent. It is hard to describe, but once you smell it, you will not want to put that bottle down lol. It is not too overpowering and it gives a great warm scent that lasts for hours!

I hate the new formula!

I was a Ambi girl back years ago and this stuff was the business! Then as always, formula got changed and it does not work. I say, if something is not broke, why try to fix it? It was a great product until now! Ugh! :(

Okay, I was about ready to throw this in the garbage because it made me look ashy and cakey at the same time. I hate that feeling! But, I found a new way of using it. To set the concealer under my eye, I apply this and it works great! But no way in the world would I use this as a overall powder again.

OMG, what took me so long to get this powder? My new holy grail for powder! This is probably one of the best powders I have used! My other favorite powder was Zuri loose powder in honey and amber mixed together, but either way, the color was wrong and it was a little bit heavy on my face. It looked like I was made up. This powder, right here.... I can just take a swatch of this on my mark brush to get a light dusting across my face or apply it with my Sigma F82 to get full coverage and it provides the perfect coverage without looking made up and NW45 is the perfect color for me! And in combination to the Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF50, my skin stays matte for hours without having to do a lot of touching up! I will be buying this again once I am out!

I am in love with this palette! Very pigmented and pretty colors! I have ran out of the bottom two colors as those are my most favorite colors to wear. The top two I use as highlighters, so I still have a whole lot of those. But a great little palette!

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