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best curl spray!

This is seriously the best spray for curls that I have ever used! It is only $6 and I have tried much more expensive brands and they don't work as good as this. I have the kind of curly hair that never looks the same twice, so I have those days where it does not look good natural. But when I have used this, every day is a good hair day. I don't know how this is about it. And the smell...wonderful! It does not smell like some fruity hair spray which I like.

I would recommend trying all the curl goddess products!

almost did not like it but...

At first I did not know what to think. Especially because the applicator is somewhat complicated. I just put it on not realizing the method with the applicator. Once I got the hang of it, I love it! It has the right amount of "wetness" for me and volumizes and lengthens pretty well. This is a mascara I would purchase again.

I love these palettes! I have used Shimmering Sands since I was 14. They were the only kinds of colors my mom would let me use at that age. And I still use it. It is my fave combo for the perfect neutral eyes.

love except sticky

I really like this lipgloss for the price. At Ulta I get it for $2 and you really cannot beat that. I swatched my fave color but I do have and like a couple other shades. They are so shiny and pretty. This would have gotten 5 five stars, except some of the shades are really sticky, so that is the only downside for me.

I really do love this product! I love the smell of it and this brand is very good as well. I only use it once a week as my exfoliant cuz daily it can be a little harsh on my sensitive skin.

This is the first cream liner I have tried and I really like it. It has good payoff and goes on so smooth. Even the brush it comes with is good to use

I have a love/hate relationship with this polish. I have a few and my fave color is Wild Card, which is a dark purple with blue reflects. I love this color. I love the prices and color selections, but being that they are $1-2, they chip very easy. It does help to have a good top and base coat, but this polish won't last a couple days with you wanting to just remove it.

Luckily I do my nail at least 2 times a week, so it does not bother me as much. For those who do not do this, it could be quite frustrating.

good quality!

I love these brushes! They are so soft but not too soft and wash out really easy. I am so glad that they are affordable too and can usually be found in sets.

The best!

This is the best mascara I have ever used! It separates my lashes and I have never once had a clump. I am obsessed with mascara so much that I usually never buy the same one twice because I have to try a different one the next time, but this I have bought 3 times in a row. It is a must have!


I LOVE THIS! it is so easy to just stick in my purse or travel bag. It has the basics so I don't have to go through my brushes wondering what to bring when I am going anywhere overnight. I definitely recommend this!

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