Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Shadows


Laura K.
Perfect for a casual, everyday look.

I usually HATE shimmery eye colors, but I took a risk and bought this palette. Worth it! For something like $3 you get the only colors you need to create a very natural-looking eye look for everyday wear. Will definitely be re-purchasing!

Jennifer B.
I gave in to raves!

So I admit - I watch a lot of beauty related videos on YouTube, and after hearing about this inexpensive palette about a billion times, I gave in and went on a hunt for it. It took a few months to find it, but I found it at a Sears in my mall, which was totally unexpected. Totally was the last one too! The color payoff is awesome, and makes a great natural eye. I'm glad I went with the decision to find it!

Ash S.

I love these palettes! I have used Shimmering Sands since I was 14. They were the only kinds of colors my mom would let me use at that age. And I still use it. It is my fave combo for the perfect neutral eyes.

Stephanie J.

I use this a lot to create a purple smokey eye. I also, use a dark shade like charcoal or black as eye liner. and it's not too expensive. I use this as a day or night look.

I use the pink chiffon [lightest color] as a highlight. The middle color I use in the crease. and the darkest, I use at the outer corner of my eyes.

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Angela V.

I love all cover girl shadows I love them for 2 reasons.. 1. They have good color pay off 2. They are affordable and are not going to cost me an arm and a leg

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Melissa B.

When I seen Dance Party in the store I thought, wow these colors are beautiful I gotta have them. Unfortunately, when I got home and used them they were not true to color, even with a primer. The swatches on my hand come out true to color, but sadly not on my eye. I must say I actually really love the light color in this trio, it's very pigmented and true to color. This color works great for all over the lid and a highlight, this is a very light pink with some shimmer and it just looks beautiful on. Now the middle color is a dusty brightish purple color with big chunky gold glitter though it. Now this color could be used in the crease for a pop of color, but you will need primer to actually be able to see it at all. The darkest color is surprisingly the least pigmented, barely any color is seen even in the swatches done on my hand. With a primer the darkest color in the crease works ok, it adds a little bit of darkness there to give your eye some depth, but you really gotta work with it. Overall, I would recommend it just for the lightest color because it's just to die for. Also if your willing to work with this you will get a pretty eye look, but you will of course need a primer or it just will not work.

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Steph L.
One of my Faves

I love this Eye Enhancing shadow kit. I wore it everyday to school and I wear it whenever I go shopping. I use it to create a daytime smoky eye look all the time. Plus I love that it blends in well.