Volum' Express One-by-One Washable Mascara


Ksenia S.
Don't really like it

I could better use glue then this one. My eyelashes don't look good after using this mascara. Only one good thing, it is black yes. But there are so many great mascaras. I would recommend to use this one.

Karli B.
Not a big fan.

I bought this because my friend said that it was great. I don't like it too much. I'm in to the huge spider looking lashes and this just doesn't do it. I also have long, thick lashes.

Emily I.
It's alright.

I have a love/hate relationship with this mascara. The formula is really nice and it definitely did a good job of lengthening and volumizing, but it is impossible to keep my lashes curled unless I perfectly layer it with another mascara and curl between coats. This could be because of my naturally very straight lashes, but generally I don't have this issue with other mascaras. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase. It's not a terrible mascara, just not my favorite.

Lola A.

I have long thick eyelashes and its very good!! I use it everyday. It doesn't volumize that much but pretty well! It's only in black but that is my favorite. I usually use the volumizing mascara and put this over it

Flor T.
It's bad for thick / long eyelashes

I hated how the bristles weren't hard , they are short and rubbery. If you like those go ahead and get it . It just felt for me that I was adding black cream to my lashes, not actually extending them/ doing as they said .

Linda L.

I liked this mascara . It definitely made my almost non-existent short straight lashes bold. It didn't flake or dry out . And it was easy to remove @ the end of the day. I would recommend this mascara, it's worth trying ☺️

Nikki L.

Great mascara! Defines lashes and adds length without applying too much product! Buildable volume as the product is not too wet. Only problems are it's not readily available and it's only available in black!

Humeyra  T.

LOVE THIS MASCARA! One of my favourite mascara ever! Maybelline always impresses me with their products! I really like the brush; plastic brush. It made my eyelashes longer and fuller (more voluminous)! :)

Chelsea V.

I never thought a drugstore mascara could be this good! It is so underrated I just want to scream out how great in value it is! It gives me volume, length and best of all will not let my lashes clump! Definatley lives up to the name 'One by One'

Betsy N.
Love this!!

Its great!!! It makes my lashes long, they have volume. The only thing is that I can't apply a lot of this or it clups but I just take a clean mascara wand and brush them then they look perfect.