Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set

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Louise-Lesley J.

Cheap - Exactly the way I like it with brushes as I like to clean mine a lot so if they are cheap, I can buy two and swap them in/out while I deep clean brushes and let them dry!

Good Quality - I've had mine for quite some time now and I can't say there is even a hair out of place. What more could you want?

OMGSOSOFT - *strokes them*

Natural/Eco-Friendly - Makes me feel sunny and warm inside knowing I am not harming the world we live in!

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Grace M.
Vegan Friendly, Affordable Travel Brushes

I give these a pretty fair to good rating because they are super affordable, obtainable, vegan friendly, and work well. These are also great for travel. I think these are great in any kit, wether you are a collector looking to go synthetic with your brushes (these were my initial investment in vegan brushes) or a beginner. There are nice shapes that will get the job done, and produce beautiful work. The handles are short, and don't work well in a brush roll, so keep the case it comes with for proper storage if you are OCD about your makeup storage like me. I didn't give it 5 stars, because there are other vegan brushes I prefer, but these are a great way to go. These also don't have as many shapes as I would like, but most women would probably benefit from the simplicity of these shapes, and get more use from this kit than a large kit with "odd shaped brushes." Most women only use 5 brushes ever, so I think it will work for most. Also my ET Kabuki broke, and one of the powder brushes absorbs more of my face powder than I would like (Inglot YSM, which is of course soft and silky to begin with) so I tend to favor the ELF Stippling Brush from the studio line when it comes to face powder.

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Joyce S.
Good for the money (:

These brushes are so soft, and I love the fact that they are cruelty free and soooo eco friendly! I really love the fluffy tapered blending brush and the mini kabuki. I like using the concealer brush to put on an eye primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It also works great for putting on Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows and Paint Pots. The kabuki is VERY small but it works well for just putting on a clear and translucent powder. The bigger brush I don't use that often, just because I don't have much use for it. It's a bit too fluffy for bronzer or blush, but that's just my preference (: I'm a bit confused though why they chose these brushes to put in a set... three face brushes and an eye brush? I still do like these brushes, and I think they are good extras to have in a collection, but these aren't the only brushes I would need for makeup application.

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Gracey H.

love these 4 brushes! they are so soft and affordable!!!,I got mine from Ulta and they were $12!! so amazing!! they have great quality,they don't get rough,and the ristles don't fall out.

Karen H.

These brushes have great quality and are very affordable! This was my first brush set and I highly recommend it to anyone who just started using makeup. It contains all the basic brushes a beginner would need. The brush hairs are really soft and picks up the product very well.

Maria Y.

I am in love with the brushes, they are so handy and have the perfect size for travelling. But my favorite one in this collection, must be the blending brush for the eyes. It has the perfect shape, and is the best brush for me when i have to do smokkey eyes.

Ash S.
good quality!

I love these brushes! They are so soft but not too soft and wash out really easy. I am so glad that they are affordable too and can usually be found in sets.

Deisy R.

beautiful, cheap, worth it, super soft and they are excellent quality brushes; all of this for like $11 at any drug store, what else can i ak for, they are a must have . i love them (:

Valencia F.
Drugstore Beauty

I really needed some brushes in a pinch. Walked into a local drugstore and found this brush set...Could not believe the value for such nicely crafted brushes. They are very pleasant to look at as well as to hold.

Jessenia I.
Super soft!!

I couldn't believe how soft these brushes were! I use the powder brush daily to apply foundation. Neither of the brushes have ever shed. Plus, you get 4 brushes for under $10.00. You can't go wrong!