Wet N Wild

Wild Shine Nail Color


Emily B.

For only being 98 cents this works just as good as some of my Essie or opi polishes! For the colors I have they go on opaque and last a really long time! It surprised me.

Mercedes D.

For such an inexpensive polish, I am quite impressed. It lasted a good while before it became 'goopy', which is a plus. The colour is slightly transparent, but a few coats does make a difference. The colours I've used are Red Red (the best), Caribbean Frost and Blazed.

Gwendolyn H.
it was okkk...

I bought these at a store for $2.00 and they work ok not the best consistency but they are ok I got the carribean frost and the French white crème....

MissPrettyInPolish x.
You get what you pay for.

I have both the black and white nail polishes, which I bought because I'm constantly running out of those two colors. For 99 cents, it's a good deal. The black nail polish is very opaque and application is great, but not for the white polish. I've only had this nail polish for a week and it's already starting to dry out. It's not as opaque as most white polishes, sometimes I have to even do three coats.

Colette R.
Quick drying, Awesome colors.

I got this for my birthday a few months back in May, And this nail polish is still good. I also have 401A, the clear nail protector, And I have to say, This is the best nail polish I have ever had. It dries quickly, About a minute or two, And It has some great colors. I plan on getting another soon, And for only 99 cents where I am, It's a excellent price for an awesome product.

Pros: - Glides on smoothly, No bumps/air bubbles as far as I can tell. -Cheap price. -Convenient size. Perfect for a traveling nail polish. -Fast drying. I don't have to wait half an hour just to have my nails dry.

Cons: -Not a large color selection. Needs more colors so I can buy them all! ;)

Jennifer  S.
Great glitter polish :)

I bought it this past summer for a dollar at Kmart. I used it so much its half way gone that's how much i love it. Used it on top of a colored polish to give a sparkle.

Julianne J.
Really Good and Really Cheap!

I have Bijou Blue (443D) and Caribbean Frost (446C). I got these way before I was on Beautylish, way before I even knew how cool these little guys are. After learning they were on the site, I looked at my polish collection- and there they were! So I finally tried them out, after they had been sitting in my nail polish container for eons- and I like them! Bijou Blue I chose for my toes- its a bright, shimmery blue- almost metallic. It looks gorgeous on, and has lasted for at least a week or maybe less. By a week's time I noticed some chipping at the edge of my nails and the tips. It took maybe two coats because these need some time to be worked up to opacity, they are iridescent and might need layers. It didn't take long to dry and the brush made for easy application. I chose a color not on the database that I had also purchased with Bijou awhile back- Caribbean Frost- for my finger nails. In the bottle this seemed more teal, but once worn, it shone a beautiful green-blue, almost frosty green alpine. Such a gorgeous color! It seemed more opaque than the toe shade but got some bumps (air bubbles?). After a week or more it flaked off at the edges and tips. They both shine brilliantly and have relatively good staying power, for lacking a base and top coat (Not there yet). I was so taken by them I found a bunch others at my fave Rite Aid for 99 cents- so I snagged Casting Call (462), Blue Moon (466), and Rain Check (464). Casting Call is a beige, warm dusky rose, Blue Moon is a blue-black ultramarine navy with a hidden blue green shimmer and Rain Check is grey-blue lilac with a milky, moonstone/opal shimmer. They are so beautiful- I tend to dress in muted, desaturated colors of teal, navy, purples and browns and warm earth tones and they fit my favored color palette. These are great back to school colors that will go with any outfit! And if these are as good as the others ones I'm in luck. I don't mind that they might chip a little earlier than usual- it just means I get to wear the next coolest shade! These three are so unique and beautiful!

Erin M.
Pretty good!

these work really great if you want a new shade but don't want to spend much, as they are usually under $2... I usually get to use the whole bottle without it drying out on me. I get a nice shine out of them, and they look good... don't look like bargain polish to me!

Julia P.
Nothing Wrong with it

I have some colors that aren't options on here but they are literally ONE COATERS! The coveted polishes in a busy and impatient girl's collection. It just needs one coat and you're done. They dry at a normal pace not quick dry. The brush is good quality and the polish isn't sticky upon application and levels out. The price is awesome too.

Abby S.

the whites the only one that I have to complain about. it takes forever to dry and when it does dry it starts chipping immediately. the clear is amazing and holds everything where it should be. For 99 cents, I can't complain. The colors are vibrant, last a very long time, and I can layer them easily with other colors. I don't have to put a clear coat on if I don't want to because they are already shiny :)