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Truly amazing!

My favorite lip balm by far! Burt's Bees offers many varieties for various occasions (Pomegranate is the best!). Their one containing SPF is the first SPF balm I have used that did not taste or smell awful. I would certainly recommend Burt's Bees and continue to buy!

It's good for the price.

I started using this product a year or two back when it first came out and I was neutral about it's effects. I did not notice any great improvement but my hair did not get any worse either. I would certainly recommend using this if you flat iron your hair, it's really the only spray out there that does not result in a plastic-like burning smell post flat ironing, it emits a rather nice scent, like fruit, instead. Also, this product did not add build up to my flat iron or my hair like I have seen others do. Overall, this product is probably your best bet for the price.

I loved the compact but not the shadow!

The compact was great! Sturdy plastic and perfect size. The magnetic compartments were great also for swapping out and replacing items. The shadows however were of poor pigment when applied.

Cheap but effective!

The plastic of this sharpener is quite cheap but it sure gets the job done! And for only a dollar it won't hurt my pocket to replace it when it wears down too. Great for sharpening Ulta eyeshadow sticks and NYX crayons!

Poor Pigment

I received Drama free in my first e.l.f. order and I was disappointed with the poor pigment of the shadow. Now don't get me wrong, I love shimmer, but there was so much glitter in this pallet that it flaked all over my face and created a big mess. To top it off, the color was so light I almost felt like I wasted my time putting it on. The only two upsides were that the white turned out to be great for highlighting and that it was free.


So I purchased 4 different colors: Copper, Plum, Coffee and Pearl. The Copper was not bad, mostly glitter, but good for the Summer and I'd use it again. The Coffee was almost black and I could not tell a difference between it and my standard black. The Plum was a great shade to start but went on sort of runny and did not dry. The Pearl could have been great but I think I received an old one since it was a little dried out and had the consistency of old nail polish. Overall, would I purchase these again, no, but for a dollar each it wasn't a great loss. I will continue to use the Copper and if the Stardust is ever not sold out, I might get that too.

Loved it!

I had read mixed reviews about this product but for a $1 I decided to try it out anyways and I loved it! It does not have a bad smell or taste, in fact I did not notice either. It is slightly sticky but not bad enough to stop me from using it. It also lasted a long time, a lot longer than my previous favorite lip gloss (Victoria's Secret Beautyrush). Caution though, the color swatches online do not accurately reflect the color of the products. Candlelight came a lot darker than the swatch online, but it went on sheer and not noticeably dark. Would certainly buy again!

Not very dark..

Thank gosh this was only $1! The liquid was almost transparent when applied, reminded me of a watercolor. The pen allowed easy application but the felt tip wears quickly and starts to "fuzz" after a couple uses. Maybe I just received a bad one, but it's safe to say, I will not be purchasing again.


I use this on a daily basis, but on my eyes! I"m not one for full face make up but these work fantastic for eyeshadow and highlighting! Stays on great, lasts all day and does not crease! I even sometimes use a NYX cream pencil for a base to really make the colors pop and shine, but this is amazing on it's own too. I have used all the shades/pallets. LOVE THEM ALL!

Love it!

Awhile back I bought this liner, at first I was not big on it but then I became obsessed with it! After quite a while (it truly does last for months) I ran out. I decided to try a felt tip liner for my next purchase (Physicians Formula) and boy was I disappointed. I did not cover nearly as well as the Maybelline and didn't last either. I went out and bought another bottle of the Maybelline liner and will never go back. I love the brush and how easy it is to apply! If you feel the brush comes out with too much on it, just wipe it on the sides when you pull it out, just like nail polish. I wore it to a water park and it stayed on all day (I mean don't rub you eyes, but then again you should never rub your eyes). Washes off easily with soap and water, like Erin said, it really does peel off. Overall, I'd certainly buy it again and recommend it!

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