Ultra Liner Waterproof Liquid Liner


Samantha R.

This used to be the ONLY eyeliner I ever bought, but now it just seems to flake so fast! I can peel it off at the end of the day too. And the last few times i've bought it, it doesn't seem to be waterproof either.

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Jennifer G.

This is the only liquid eyeliner I have bought for the past three years. I LOVE IT. It's so so so easy for me to apply and with my urban decay eye primer, it stays on for however long I need it to. I've seen people don't like how it peels, but with the eye primer it doesn't. For only like six bucks, this little tube can last me ALMOST a year.

Michelle G.
I had it for a really long time.

Being it's a drug store brand it works really good. Most drug store brands really suck and make you want to scream from wasting money on it. But this stuff really works. It was my first liquid eyeliner and from then till now I still think it's good. It doesn't come off during your day. Your makeup stays exactly the same from the moment you put it on. That's why I love this stuff.

Kelly S.

I've been using this off and on for years and I love it! It goes on super smooth and stays all day, thats hard to find in a drug store brand! I highly recommend it!

Marimel N.

I so love this liquid eyeliner, I used it almost everyday. It's easy to apply...whether u want a thin or thick line, a half or a full and if ur adventurous and feel creative u can make a more distinctive and artful line. Easy to take off, just peel it need of cleanser or makeup remover.

Amy L.
Love it!

Awhile back I bought this liner, at first I was not big on it but then I became obsessed with it! After quite a while (it truly does last for months) I ran out. I decided to try a felt tip liner for my next purchase (Physicians Formula) and boy was I disappointed. I did not cover nearly as well as the Maybelline and didn't last either. I went out and bought another bottle of the Maybelline liner and will never go back. I love the brush and how easy it is to apply! If you feel the brush comes out with too much on it, just wipe it on the sides when you pull it out, just like nail polish. I wore it to a water park and it stayed on all day (I mean don't rub you eyes, but then again you should never rub your eyes). Washes off easily with soap and water, like Erin said, it really does peel off. Overall, I'd certainly buy it again and recommend it!

Carla H.
Doesn't smudge or "travel"

I use this for everyday purposes. The black is solid and it stays in place. Only complaints: it does flake after a long day for me, or after a nap, and it's got a plastic-like shine to it. I have to matte it down with shadow. The brush is blunt, so it creates a thicker line. It takes some getting used to. Lasts pretty long and wears well for me. Also, it comes off clean. It literally peels off, and has no "raccoon eye" effect.

Yasmin K.
Used it for years

It is my favorite liquid black eyeliner though since once it dries it pretty much stays put. I've used it for years myself and the only major drawback to this product is that it is difficult to remove if you don't peel it off completely. Wish they'd make this liner in other colors besides brown and black.

Erin Z.
Photo of product included with review by Erin Z.

As far as drug store liquid liners go, this is a must have. it REALLY is waterproof! I have terrible allergies and sensitive eyes, so I find my eyes water in the mornings when I need to get ready. This liquid liner does not budge even when my eyes are watery, and it lasts all day long. The small brush tip makes it very easy to get super fine lines, and it layers nicely over richly pigmented colors without any weird bleeding or show through.

It pulls off almost like false lashes at the end of the night, which make it easy to wash away. But ladies, if you have a long night out, and crash before washing your'll still be on your eyes (and not your pillow) in the morning.

I think it runs somewhere near 5 bucks, so you can't beat it for the price!

Joanne D.
The brush sucks.

This doesn't smudge and it is definitely water proof, but the brush makes it actually very hard to apply. I prefer the Line Stiletto liner's brush over this one. It flakes if you apply too many layers.