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Nude Beach

First off this product has an amazing color in the bottle and I only hoped it would transition as well onto my lips. It did. The lip gloss went on smooth and pigmented with a bit of shimmer. I have never used a plumping lip gloss before and I was a bit afraid of the symptoms. This lip gloss made my lips tingle but did nothing for the size of my lips. I wasn’t expecting a Botox style look though, I mean it is just lip gloss! The tingle did not bother me and disappeared after a few minutes, it was almost like the tingle from mouth wash or a good breath mint. The color lasted for a few hours and was not as sticky as other lip glosses. It did have a minor stick, but nothing that would trap my hair in the wind or transfer onto other objects. I truly enjoyed the color and shimmer. I’m big on shimmer, the more the better and this lip gloss delivered. The color appeared to be a bit like a Summer sunset. It had pink, gold and neutral tones. An overall good color for Summer and even Fall. The color was also neutral enough to wear to work but it was still pigmented enough to wear out. The brush was your standard lip gloss brush and did not fuzz. Another perk about this product was that the bottle it HUGE. It is probably the largest lip gloss I own.


Upon first look at this tube, I assumed the product was liquid eyeliner. Opening it I found it to be something entirely different. The applicator is a doe foot brush, I expected a liquid eyeliner brush. The brush made application very difficult. If you smear some on your eyelid, you can rub it around with your fingers, but you have to be quick since you cannot reapply without removing what you already applied. I tried applying it as eyeliner using the brush and while it went on bright, it was just too thick of a line. This product dries quickly and does not crease but I experienced glitter fallout when the drying was complete. I also experienced what might have been an allergic reaction or just a sensitive skin reaction to this product. My eyelids began to burn shortly after applying and even after washing the product off continued to burn until I applied moisturizer.

Overall this product was a miss for me. I truly enjoyed the bright blue color, but a liquid eyeliner brush would have certainly made this product more user friendly

Mint Julips = Love

When I stopped by my local Lush to look for this scrub, they had 3 “flavors”: Bubblegum, Mint Julips and Sweet Lips. I liked the color and smell of Bubblegum but it was too sweet for my taste. Sweet Lips smelled amazing, like a chocolate bar, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. Mint Julips was what I ended up with. It’s sweet and minty, like a Junior Mint, and I had to have it.

To use the lip scrub, you put a little bit on your finger tips and gently rub it on your lips in circles. The LUSH girl told me that you could lick it off and eat it when you were done but the whole thought of eating your dead skin cells sort of weirded me out, so I washed it off with cool water. I certainly noticed a difference in my lips after the first use and by the third, my lips were silky smooth. I use it every night before bed (I apply lip balm after) and it will certainly help during the dry and cold winter months. So if you are looking for something to smooth your lips that smells great and leaves a fresh minty taste, check out this product!

Highly Pigmented, Easy to Apply!

I absolutely love these loose eyeshadows! They were highly pigmented, easy to apply and lasted all day! I used NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Cottage Cheese as my base coat and a small brush to apply the colors. Patting the colors on works better than actually sweeping the colors, creates a brighter, more even look. I would certainly recommend these and I will be purchasing other colors!

(I apologize for the difference in photos, both were taken with a camera phone, one outside, one inside. The eyeshadow colors accurately reflect the pigment, just not my skin tone.)

My new "go to" brush!

I'm an avid user of EcoTools brushes but when I saw this brush at my local Target and for only $3, I just had to try it out! I love it! It's perfect for applying dark shadows to your crease as well as blending and smoothing out shadow on your upper lid to eliminate harsh lines. It also worked out well on my lower lid to apply a white shimmer under my black eyeliner. After this positive experience I will definitely try out e.l.f.'s other brushes! (Note: Check out my profile in the coming days for photo(s) using all e.l.f. products, including this brush!)

For a dollar, why not!

I bought this during my most recent trip to Target (I was delighted to find they carry a small amount of e.l.f. products). I have always enjoyed the twist up lipsticks with the sponge applicator but I have never liked the high prices. When I saw e.l.f. had one, I just had to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised. The lipstick applied easily, had a great pigment, did not look like lipstick, was not sticky and lasted a decent amount of time. I personally do not like the look of lipstick, I just think it's too harsh and I prefer lip gloss. This product was perfect. I applied e.l.f.'s lip gloss in Angel over this and it looked amazing! Pink Lemonade is the perfect shade if you are going for something subtle but something that will brighten your face as well!

Oops I did it again..

I bought two more lip shines this weekend after finding out my local Target carries a small selection of e.l.f. products! I know many experience a stickiness with these and I only experienced a little bit of stickiness, but nothing more or less compared to other lip gloss brands, however, after purchasing Angel, I am pleasantly surprised and delighted to announce that it is NOT sticky. I also purchased Honey Do, which matches my review of Candlelight, but Angel is entirely different. It is missing the SPF which is a downside, but I just applied an SPF lip balm underneath. Also, it does not smell or taste like anything. Hope this helps out!


I currently own two colors (neither are featured in the swatches but they are an iridescent pink and a solid ocean blue). I love, LOVE this nail polish. Both colors go on terrifically bright, dry quickly and last for days! I have yet to have a problem with them chipping, usually my nails grow out before the polish actually chips, hence I have never replaced the color to chipping yet. I really like how smooth these go on as well. Some more expensive polishes that I have tried tend to streak and not go on smooth where as this nail polish (and Sinful Colors) goes on streak free! I would certainly recommend these polishes and the price is not too bad either!

Swinggg and certainly not a miss!

I placed my first e.l.f. order a few weeks ago and decided to snag some eyelid primer. I've read such great reviews about Urban Decay's but I'm just not big on spending that much cash so I figured e.l.f. might work. It certainly did work, in fact it's pretty much amazing. It goes on smooth and blends exactly with my skin tone, and I'm even a medium shade of tan at the moment. I put it on at 6:30am then applied my favorite Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips to my eyes and left for work. At 5:30pm when I returned home, my eyeshadow was still as fantastic as it was when originally applied AND it did not crease. Would I buy it again? OF COURSE! e.l.f. certainly hit this one out of the ball park!

It does the trick!

My hair endures a lot during the week between styling products and heating elements and needs a deep condition by Sunday. This conditioner works great! Using it once a week does not weight my hair down or cause it to be greasy, I would not, however, recommend it for use more than once a week. Also, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT flat iron or curl your hair the same day of use. I have made this mistake more than once and it has resulted in a burning smell post exposure to the heating element and my hair and styling tool have held the smell all day.

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