Hard Candy

Plumping Serum - Fat Pout Lip Gloss


Mariah C.
Suprizingly amazing!

As always people are very skeptical when it comes to drugstore lip products that claim to plump your lips, because most of them fall down on the job, however this plumping lip gloss does what it says. When applying this gloss, you get an immediate tingley/refreshing feeling on your lips (which is a feeling you'll get with many plumping products). After a few minutes you will see a bit of a difference in your lip "plumpyness". This lip gloss has very interesting packaging, which is very eye catching. The wand is a clear plastic, making it quite unique, and the applicator is your typical doe-foot applicate. They have a descent color selection to chose from. However the colors aren't the most opacque, but you will get some color when applied. A real plus for this product, is that it isn't sticky at all, and doesn't look gooey on the lips. Over all, I would and do recommend this product to those who ask for a cheaper plumping lip gloss.

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Amy L.
Nude Beach

First off this product has an amazing color in the bottle and I only hoped it would transition as well onto my lips. It did. The lip gloss went on smooth and pigmented with a bit of shimmer. I have never used a plumping lip gloss before and I was a bit afraid of the symptoms. This lip gloss made my lips tingle but did nothing for the size of my lips. I wasn’t expecting a Botox style look though, I mean it is just lip gloss! The tingle did not bother me and disappeared after a few minutes, it was almost like the tingle from mouth wash or a good breath mint. The color lasted for a few hours and was not as sticky as other lip glosses. It did have a minor stick, but nothing that would trap my hair in the wind or transfer onto other objects. I truly enjoyed the color and shimmer. I’m big on shimmer, the more the better and this lip gloss delivered. The color appeared to be a bit like a Summer sunset. It had pink, gold and neutral tones. An overall good color for Summer and even Fall. The color was also neutral enough to wear to work but it was still pigmented enough to wear out. The brush was your standard lip gloss brush and did not fuzz. Another perk about this product was that the bottle it HUGE. It is probably the largest lip gloss I own.

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Melrose M.
love for the color

i have this in "Jelly Fish" and I LOVE IT its like my baby<33 im gunna buy a back up...i dont see any difference in the plump-ness of my lips though...

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Francesca S.
Great lipgloss, but not a lip plumper.

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lipgloss in 334 Jellyfish

Packaging: Pros- It’s cute! Everything but the cap is clear. The cap is this pretty silver with a pretty black swirly pattern. I like it because you can see the actual product, not what color the product is supposed to be. Everything is printed on the sides, so it looks cute but not cheap. It’s edgy while still keeping a girly flair. Cons- There is quite a bit of product but because of the stopper I’m not sure all of it is reachable. The shade of the product is printed on a very small sticker on the bottom, and it’s kind of hard to read. Also, something that some people may not like is that it’s a doe foot applicator, which isn’t the most sanitary. I personally don’t mind, but others might. I’m going to give it a 4.5/5 for packaging.

Product: Pros- First of all, it is not tested on animals. There’s 2.7 grams of product, which I think is pretty good. Overall the gloss is not sticky or runny. It feels very nice on your lips, and although it has glitter, you can’t feel it. It gives you this nice tingle when you put it on, and it’s kind of refreshing. I like it, some people may not. I have nothing bad to say about the product itself. 5/5.

Expectation vs. Reality: Here is their statement: “Plumping Serum lip gloss will give you the biggest, sexiest lips possible without a doctor’s visit. Sheer color, outrageous shine.” I’m sorry, but half of that is flat out not true. It doesn’t do much to your lips in relation to their size. As for color and shine? Totally true. So I’ll give this a 2.5/5.

Color: BEAUTIFUL. It’s this pretty purpley-pink color with very fine blue glitter! 5/5!

Price: I think it’s just the right price for the amount of product and the quality. It’s sold in Walmart for $6. 5/5

Concluding Statement:

22/25. This is a great lipgloss, affordable, feels and looks great, but it will not plump your lips.

This review was pasted from my blog: http://warpaintgeneration.wordpress.com/

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Holly K.
A good lipgloss but doesnt plump

So there are a few pros to this lipgloss: really pretty colors, moisturizing, not sticky, not tested on animals, pretty packaging, doesnt run off your lips like some glosses do, a nice tingly feeling(love it lol), amazing shine to it too. Now the only con i really found is that it doesnt plump... at all.

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Carolyn H.
I bought it for the color.

I bought 2 of these, right now I can't remember the names. But they were two baby pink glosses. I didn't buy them for any kind of plumping action, I dont notice any difference when I use plumping products. So, for color purposes i like them, they are really sheer but the color comes through a little. I like the tingling feeling even though I know I'm not being plumped lol .

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Curiosidades E.
Nice product!

I like this lip plump from Hard Candy...it is the first lip plump that I have tried....it did at first give me that tingle on my lips...not convinced on the plumping qualities but nevertheless its a very pretty pink shade with glitter...a nice thick gloss. Would recommend. Good price too I think I bought this at Walmart.

Dora C.
Hard Candy Gloss is GREAT

I have many lip glosses, of all different brands, and colors. This Hard Candy Lip Plumping Serum is the one I pick up most often. It is perhaps the most inexpensive lip gloss, with the most product in the package you can get on the market. I have all the Hard Candy colors, but the lip plumping claim is untrue in my case. I have very thin small lips, and this gloss does give you a little tingle, but no fattening or plumping to speak of. The gloss comes out of package good, has a little doe foot wand, making it easy to apply anywhere. Most all of the colors have sparkles in them, but not the type that make you look like a Vegas showgirl. It is a silent shimmer, more of a shy promise of a sparkle. It feels a little sticky on my lips, but what gloss doesn't? It is no more and no less sticky than any other brands I have used. The packaging could use a little update of some kind, mine seems to unscrew by itself in my purse sometimes. I have started putting it into a lined makeup bag, so as not to ruin the inside of my nice leather handbags. All in all, this product is a wonderful buy, for any and all ages. It is not too babyish, nor is it too old ladyish. It is a perfect lip gloss to me. I LOVE Hard Candy!!

Davetta S.
Great Gloss!

I have Amp, and Cake Walk. They are similar in color, but Amp has more of a pink tint to it. I LOVE THEM. They dont do a lot of plumping, but they do just enough to give me the pouty effect, as my lips are already pretty full. You also get a lot of product for $6.00.

Amanda Y.
Love Shimmer? Love this!

I love this lip gloss. I am a huge fan of shimmery lips and this does the trick. Not only does it provide a beautiful shimmer, but the taste isn't awful either. I would recommend this product.