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Was surprised

I honestly said I would never buy from her! But this palette was superb! I plan on getting a lot of use out of it


I have 3 of these but I want the rest. These are great balm. Very moisturizing and great pigmentation. You can wear these alone and get a nice color payoff!

I am in love

I have ALL colors and i really love all except the orange! they feel nice on the lid, they blend well and don't crease. What more can you ask from a cream shadow!!! In the drawer with my paint pots!!!

um..not buying again

After being in school for 3 weeks I quickly realized this product really sucked. I have one in my personal stash at home and rarely use it! It takes forever to get the makeup out of my brushes. As an MUA I have to clean my brushes quickly and efficiently, and this did not do the job. I felt as though I had to grind the brushes into my hand or paper towel and there was still sooo much product left, and the brush hairs began to come out. What I found really works is the MAC eye & lip makeup remover. (angels singing) Because of the oil in the product, the makeup comes off super smooth and twice as fast.

My fave

Ok I have tried sooo many mascaras but this is the best. I have absolutely no pronkem with clumping whatsoever. This gives me volume as well as length. I use about 2-3 coats depending on how dramatic I want my eyes to be. This is by far the best mascara available in drugstores. I keep one in my kit as well. LOVE IT!!!!!7

what's not to like

seriously, WnW has really stepped up their game. What's not to love about their products. They are inexpensive, accessible, and work great. I love all the palettes. The colors are amazing. The pigmentation is great with & without a primer or base.

Cool Gadget

I was skeptable at first of getting this. But it is really cool. I do like the vibration along with the exfoliating pads. My face does feel a lot cleaner than just with my hands. I get oily around my chin area and this diminishes that problem. I don't feel like there is any product residue left over. It was inexpensive and in stock. Ther is an upgraded one, but I will stick to using this until it breaks! lol. You can use it daily which make it good for removing dirt and makeup at the end of the day, as well as giving you that refreshed feeling in the morning!.

Love it

"It is great! It is a little thicker than the original with a lot of sheen to it. It is a yellow/gold color and can be worn alone (with liner and mascara) or as a base (under shadows). But be CAREFUL! a little goes a LONG WAY. Can be compared to UDPP in Sin!"

very nice

I never thought to try MUFE eyeshadows, but after hearing much hype about their purple I decided to try. LOVE IT. It is very pigmented and goes on nicely. I have tried it with pinks, blue, and silver. It is awesome! I haven't seen a complexion that it didn't look good on.

love it

I can't live without this product, it give great moisture to my lips, and it smells great. The color is very faint which is great if using it under other lip products. But I wear this all day with or without gloss/lipstick. Amazing!

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