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Trisha W.
Natasha's most wearable palette yet!!!
Photo of product included with review by Trisha W.

Same incredible quality and gorgeous color pay off that we have come to expect from Natasha eyeshadows. This might be her most wearable palette yet. This palette is a beautiful color story with it's rich purple tones and stunning mauves.

Since her shadows are self blending you can create stunning eye looks with 1-2 colors in a matter of seconds. Say good bye to difficult time consuming eye looks! This palette cuts your shadow time to a next to noting because the shadows layer seamlessly and blend with the lightest touch of the brush.

Because they are a pressed pigment rather than a tradition eye shadow you barely need any, so if you are heavy handed tap off that brush to avoid fallout and use your finger to apply for the most intense color payoff. I love using this on textured eye lids because of the long wear no crease formula! My mature clients can finally shimmer and sparkle!

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Shelly F.
I have "Netted" myself a Natasha Denona Lila Palette. :)
Photo of product included with review by Shelly F.

What can I say, when I heard that there was a "Purple Palette by Natasha Denona" it really got my attention. With having shadows like "Amethyst, purple being my favorite color & one named Layla which is sentimental for me", I knew that this is a palette I would really like. As I looked at the photo's of the Lila palette on Instagram & saw the "Unbelievable, Intense Colors" I was" Hooked". The metallic's look like "Liquid Pools of Shimmering Color". If you placed your finger in them, your finger would come out dripping wet with color. The mattes are "Smooth, Creamy & Buttery" & oh so "Pigmented". Like a bed of oysters from the sea with multi colored pearls. Then you touch & use them, to find they are all that & so much more! I was so lucky to have netted one.  :)

This is my first Natasha Denona eye shadow palette, I have 3 of her Duo Blush palettes. Both my daughter & I love the blush's so much we have repurchased them multiple times. I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this palette because it is a investment, which for me has ended up "Well Worth the Cost". It is everything that everyone has said about Natasha Denona palettes, "Rich, Easy to Blend & Long Lasting". It is more of a "Pigment Palette" than eye shadow, you are seeing that more & more now. So the lightest touch & smallest amount is needed, then do exactly what these shadows were made to" Blend & Look Fabulous". They are absolutely stunning on my daughter & yet still are perfect for my dark brown, textured eyes. Also very wearable on any other eye type, color & skin tone. This palette will take you from day to night, so effortlessly by using the four eye shadow textures. Chroma Crystal, Creamy Matte, Metallic, the Duo Chrome shades also warm & cool tones making this a elegant, versatile palette & next for me is the Sunset Palette.  :) 

I discovered Beautylish over a year ago even though they are bigger, busier & able to bring us more exceptional brands & products your customer service excellence has never change. Especially during the launches of new products, I enjoy the emails I receive from Nils & his team like "Meet Lila, Getting Started with your Lila Palette". They are always filled with so much helpful information, so I am able to get the most use & enjoyment of my product, thank you Beautylish.  :)

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Jen L.
Purple perfection!
Photo of product included with review by Jen L.

I LOVE this palette so much! I am a huge fan of purple eye shadow and just knew that I needed this palette in my life. Super pigmented and blends like a dream. I definitely feel it's worth the price. This is the prettiest palette I own.

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Vicki H.
Photo of product included with review by Vicki H.

My very first Natasha Denona and it is amazing!!! Holy pigmentation Batman!!! I can not wait to use each and every color. And u definitely can't wait to buy more of her palettes!!!! This has been a dream of mine since I started wearing makeup!

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Vanda U.
Best shadows in the beauty world

Thank you for the outstanding, super fast shipping Beautylish! As always, Natasha Denona shadows do not disappoint. This palette is such a stunning companion to the Sunset Palette! The rich purple and mauve tones bring a much needed cool tone to the overly warm tone saturated eyeshadow market. The shadows are so smooth and pigmented, a little goes a long way. After owning now 6 of her palettes, I find it hard to reach for anything else. While they might be an investment, you get what you pay for. These are luxurious, top notch quality shadows. The best I've ever used.

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Jeannie F.

Absolutely adore this palette, the quality is top-notch, easily worth the price. I saw some reviewers posting that colors were more evening/club looks....WHAT?? I LOVE EVERY COLOR IN THIS PALETTE, and can wear every color for anything during day, this is very wearable, but also fun and exciting to create looks boring brown here, every day I can create a new, and unique look that is mine...I must add--BEAUTYLISH, and Niles are OUTSTANDING when it comes to customer service...frankly I have never encountered such high-level and personal service...and I have shopped at very high end retail and designer guys are setting the gold standard for service, So, with all my heart, thank you for going above and beyond...(I order a lot, but missed the sunset palette, spoke with Niles about issues with that launch, when Lila launched I was in hurricane Erma and without power and could not order, Niles held some palette for his repeat customers, giving us a chance to buy...when I got power and internet restored I knew I had missed launch, but there in my email was notice that it was available for me for a short time...I couldn't believe it....that is amazing customer service...thank you from a loyal customer...I will never shop anywhere else.

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Barbara M.
Photo of product included with review by Barbara M.

I can't say enough about Natasha Denona eyeshadows. They are absolutely amazing and blend like a dream. Nothing I have in my collection can compare, period!

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Maria G.
Best eyeshadow I've ever used!
Photo of product included with review by Maria G.

The quality is incomparable to anything I have in my collection. I am a bit palette obsessed, so I do have more than 50 palettes in my collection. This one is by far the most sophisticated! Between the quality of the packaging to the quality of the eyeshadow, it is simply mesmerizing! I am in love! In fact, I want all of her eyeshadow palettes now!

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Heather R.
Can't go wrong!
Photo of product included with review by Heather R.

I can't praise this palette enough! The colors, formulation and wear are unmatched. I've been reaching for this over my TF, Dior, Geurlain-any and all! The colors blend like magic. Beautylish deserves a huge shout out for their superb customer service and wonderful shipping. For reference, I'm 40 yrs.old, light-medium skin tone with some creasing on my lids. These shadows are smoothing and last all day. You won't regret treating yourself to this beautiful! palette

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Nina  Z.
You won't regret
Photo of product included with review by Nina  Z.

This is my first-ever Natasha palette. I was so happy when I finally had it delivered to my house. This palette is just everything. I wouldn't say the formula is creamy, but it is very pigmented. The picture was after I swatch some colours on my hand, and there were still this much of eyeshadows staying on my finger! I haven't never touched any eyeshadow with such high pigmentation. And look at that metallic shades, they look so soft and fancy. Another thing that I like Natasha's palette is that every shade in there looks elegant and expensive, her colour-design kills anything else in the market. And the Lila palette, it is wearable and you can create a lot of warm tone looks with it. It definitely worth 129 dollars without doubt for me. Although I have found the bluey purple shade is a bit hard to apply evenly

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