Tinted Lip Conditioner


Olivia P.

I couldn't tell you how many people ive told to use this product! Its amazing! It smells great and mine is in Petting Pink which just adds a little bit of pink for a sexy lip. I will always buy this product! My lips were aweful, but now ive been using this they are so soft and just moist. Buy this! lol

Katrina L.

It really conditions your lips, has great color payoff & lasts a long time. Perfect for those lazy days when you don't feel like putting on a lot. The only con is, it's pricey but considering the amount in the pot, it's really worth it.

Highly recommended!! Get it!!

Theresa G.
Very good product.

I first tried the tinted lip conditioner when MAC came out with it in the Hello Kitty collection. I am hitting pan now and have to get another one but a diff color cause the color I have is limited edition. Overall it is a great product. Keeps your lips from drying out.

Megan N.
great stuff!

this stuff is awesome! it smells so good. its a cross between vanilla and maybe a floral scent. mmm and it always gives me just the right amount of color when i need it. i dont use mine as much as i should. i think i have a limited edition one from YEARS ago, and to this day i still have it.

Toni A.
Seriously LOVE this stuff!

I'm all about nude lips as I usully do my eyes dark and this is perfect when I'm not in the mood for sticky glosses. It has good pigmentation so you can wear it alone and still get decent color and some shine. Plus, it smells and tastes yummy and is SO moisturizing I never have dry or chapped lips anymore!! Love!

Stephanie T.

i have this in pink fish from the hello kitty collection. i love how pigmented these are! its great for a one step on the go type thing. with the great pigmentation in this product, the glossy finish, and the moisturizing factor its your lip balm, lipstick, and gloss all in one! love it!

Vanessa J.

I love it! <3. My lips get so gorgeous all day. Hydrated. Bright. And i like the taste. Only food can put it off. 100% Recommended. And believe me. My lip skin was really dry. Now i don't need so much exfoliation. The price its fair enough when you see the quality of product.

Buy it!

Samina S.

I love love this product its perfect. my lips no longer stay dry . it has the perfect color and moisturizes your lips so good no other lip treatment can do this . i suggest this to everyone out there

Gabriela E.

I love this product and it will last you forever! it's very moisturizing and it gives the perfect hint of color for your pout! It's a very sheer lip balm and it's a great starter product for the lovely teens out there!

Avi C.
love it

I can't live without this product, it give great moisture to my lips, and it smells great. The color is very faint which is great if using it under other lip products. But I wear this all day with or without gloss/lipstick. Amazing!