Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara Black


Erin C.
My Favourite Mascara

I use this mascara almost everyday, it's amazing! It instantly gives volume to my lashes and lengthens them too. I chose the brown shade which means whenever I can't be bothered to do a full face of make up, I still have a natural eye look with big, long lashes! I would defiantly recommend buying this mascara : You won't regret it!

Alexandra M.
Very Good

I don't know if my struggle over the years to find a great mascara is because I'm getting older and my lashes aren't what they used to be... but I am never fully satisfied with a mascara, really. That said, Million Lashes is by far the best one I've tried in years.

It doesn't get overly clumpy or leave me with smudges in the afternoon, and it does do a good job lengthening. I love the design of the brush, too - it doesn't get gunked up. I would like more volume from it, but otherwise it's really good.

Hayley Louise S.
Not great...Sorry!

Hmmm I bought two of these mascara's as I had high hopes! But both were a let down for me.

The brush: It just doesn't seem to 'grab' my lashes and get them a decent coating of mascara from root to tip.

The mascara: was too thick, it did clump, and still felt damp on my eyes - I ended up blowing upwards from my mouth to make them feel dryer.

Maybe I picked up two of the worse ones ever.

Amy M.
Sticky Gooey even after drying 10 hrs.

Let me first start off by saying that I normally use Maybelline Great Lash - the one in the pink and green tube, waterproof version. This mascara is nothing like that. I was looking for a mascara that would stay put and add length and volume. Million Lashes does all of this, BUT there is one huge downfall that I hadn't even considered bc I have never experienced it before... It dries on your lashes and is still slightly gooey. What I mean by this is that it feels as if my lashes are coated by some weird type of semi hard wax. Although it doesn't and wouldn't do this on its own, I know that if I took my fingers and smashed all my lashes together into a single pointed Lash, they would stick together and form their own little mass of glued together eyelash horn. It is very odd. I would not purchase this again. In fact I may even return it.

Amelia R.

I love this mascara. Length and volume. The only thing is clumps. I hate clumps. So much. That is probably the only thing I would change about it. Also I hate the sound the brush makes when it comes out of the tube but other than that I think it's amazing

Simona P.
Using it from so much time

I love this mascara.. It s affordable and makes my lash sooo long soo dark and add so much volume!! The best in that price category!! I suggest it

Shannon C.

Amazing! Love the brush - keeps lashes individual without making them look like spider legs or clumpy. Perfect for day and night make-up just put more for night time. Love love love

Mallory C.
Amazing product

I got this as part of a gift for my mom & one for myself. I have to say that it made my lashes huge. Now on to my mom. She loved it so much that as soon as she used it she sent me a text thanking me for the awesome gift & that she absolutely LOVES this. The next time I saw her, her lashes were yelling BOOM, when they used to just say hello. That's an odd way to describe it, but she has smaller lashes & that's the best way I can describe it right now lol. They were very full & much longer than usual. Since my lashes are rather long & bountiful already, I feel like it did a better job on her than with me, but I still love it as well. Highly recommend.

Ashley L.

This is the best mascara I've ever used!! It makes my lashes dark, thick and give them great volume!!! It lasts a long time without getting clumpy!! I plan on getting it again!

Bry R.

I didn't see any different results with this one but it still makes lashes look really nice. It clumps maybe just a little but I just comb them out and all is well again. Did anyone else think it smelled like roses and honey?