Colorburst Lip Butter

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Julia R.

Gumdrop is not as purple as it looks in the tube. On the mouth, it's a sheer, milky, pinky-lavender with a glossy sheen. My lips are more pigmented, though, so those with paler lips might find this to be a truer purple. This shade is a bit stiffer than my other Lip Butters-still soft and creamy, just a little more solid. This product looks okay from a normal distance, but I notice that up close, it definitely looks uneven, and it only gets worse if your lips touch, as they're bound to do. This product is sheerer and designed to be less long-wearing, but I still pulled around 3 hours of wear, which isn't bad. When it comes to moisturizing my lips, I found thisto be just average-my lips weren't worse for wear, but it's definitely not as good as a balm.

Bria K.

I love this, it gives a nice touch of color and shine, while keeping my lips moisturized. I am definitely going to buy some more shades. Aside from lipstains and chapsticks, this is my favorite lip product.

jazzica Q.
creamy, springy & cute.

i was hoping this would be more of a bold lavender shade, but i ended up with a more subdued colour...that's okay, because i do like this lipstick. it's very creamy, buttery and smooth...the colour is adorable and opaque (yet sheer at the same time?! haha)'s perfect for spring & summer...and made me feel retro. also, it makes my lips feel moisturized and of the better drugstore lipsticks i've bought.

Pamela V.

I just started using this product & I have to say that it is my favorite! It keeps my lips moisturized almost all day while at work. I usually just stick to lipglosses because I have not had very great experiences with lipsticks since my lips tend to stay very dry but this lip butter is AWESOME! I want all colors!

I recommend it!

Avi C.

I have 3 of these but I want the rest. These are great balm. Very moisturizing and great pigmentation. You can wear these alone and get a nice color payoff!