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My go-to "neutral" palette

I'm known for my crazy, bright colored makeup looks, but as a business major I need to know how to tone it down. This palette is a great compromise. There's a wide range of colors and the quality is fantastic. I got this with the 88 ultra shimmer palette as a package deal on the site and I have never regretted it :) I def recommend it!

Only one flaw...

I looooove this palette! It has great quality and the price is ridiculously low for what you're getting. My only problem is that the shadow pans weren't glue on very well. I was at my dorm and putting on my makeup when one of my yellow eyeshadows fell out and down the sink!!! :( It was a sad, sad day.. I almost lost another color but caught it before it could follow the yellow. My advise is to be very careful because you never know when a shadow may pop out. I still recommend this palette to anyone.. especially when on a budget :)

Not sure if I like it for me, but worth a try.

I usually like Aveeno products so when I ran out of tinted moisturizers I thought I'd give this a shot! The first problem I had was the color. I'm a pretty pale person (Slightly darker than Clinique's Alabaster) so I figured fair to light would be the best bet. WRONG! It was sooo light! That could probably be fixed by trying the Medium, but I had another problem with it. It made my skin look like it had flaky patches. I tried exfoliating a lot and using a lot of moisturizer first and it helped some, but it also made me look oily when I did that. Maybe if I had normal skin this would work, but this seems like too much fuss for a tinted moisturizer. I will say that the coverage was nice from what I could tell (the color was distracting). At the end of the day, I would say it is worth trying if you have pale and definitely not dry skin. Unfortunately there is only 2 color choices so darker skin tones have no options.

Must buy!!

I bought this on a whim after seeing it in line at Sephora.. boy am I glad! I get horribly chapped lips, especially in the winter (when I bought it), so I've tried all sorts of chapstick products. This is by far the best one I've tried (even better than Carmex!!) and it smells great too! I was so sad to find that I lost it in the midst of moving away to school :( I need to get a new one ASAP!! Also- I used it everyday for months and it barely had a dent. This thing will last forever!

When I first got this product I was very excited (despite realizing that there isn't much product in the container). I had pretty dry skin at the time, but problems with breaking out. I needed foundation but something to keep my skin hydrated. I first tried this with a stila foundation brush, but it was streaky so I tried a stippling brush instead. The first few times I used this I was extremely happy, but then I noticed some problems. The mousse started flaking on my skin, but my skin was fine with other foundations. It felt like the foundation was actually drying my skin out, not hydrating it! Even though I loved the coverage, I eventually stopped using it and it has since dried out. I don't know if this foundation didn't work because of something I did or something wrong with that particular batch, so I won't say it's bad. It worked great at first and looked natural and covered well, so I'd say it's worth a try. Hopefully this was just a fluke because it has potential!

Best for drier skin types

This product brings me back. This was the first "foundation" I used when I started wearing makeup (other than stage makeup). It moisturizes, evens out your skin tone, and stays all day. If you're looking for real coverage, I would not recommend this. This, like most tinted moisturizers, does not cover imperfections. It is great at brightening and evening out skintone, though. All-in-all a great product! I love how natural it looks on my skin.

I chose this as a free sample with a purchase from Clinique. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works. My only complaint is that it smears easily when I first apply it.

I bought a sample size of this mascara and I have to say, I like it for simple looks. It doesn't give the volume that I like, but there's something very nice about it. I'm not sure it's worth almost $30, though.

This is another mascara that I recently bought. I like it but I don't love it. If it held a curl better, it would be great! I have straight and thin lashes so I have to be picky with my mascaras.

Good, but not great.

I purchased this a couple weeks ago. It's nice, does its job, but I'm not wowed by it yet. I like it but I don't think I'm going to repurchase this. I'll try it out more and see if I change my mind, though.

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