Coastal Scents

88 Metal Mania Palette


Sophie S.

I got this a couple of months ago and really like it. The palette is small, which Is good if you're tight on space like I am. The colours are gorgeous and I would say about 75-80% are pigmented well. They don't seem to last that long without a primer, but with a primer they will easily last nearly the whole day.

Veronika Z.

this is amazing!!!!!! colors are fantastic although not very much pigmented !!!!! its better to wear it with the eye primer before applying though...i got sooo many compliments on my makeup the first time i went out with it!!! yay, thanx costal scents.

Miranda L.
Only have had it for a day and I am in love!
Photo of product included with review by Miranda L.

I just got this today and love it already. I was playing with it and swatching and just having fun. All the colors I tried were so pigmented and so easy to apply. I can't wait to do more with this palette!

Melanie S.
My go-to "neutral" palette

I'm known for my crazy, bright colored makeup looks, but as a business major I need to know how to tone it down. This palette is a great compromise. There's a wide range of colors and the quality is fantastic. I got this with the 88 ultra shimmer palette as a package deal on the site and I have never regretted it :) I def recommend it!

Laurence P.

I am SO in love with this palette ! i constantly reach for it, it has so much gorgeous colors and the color payoff is amazing, this my favorite coastal scents palette !

Emma F.
Nice Bronzy Palette for a Good Price

A lot of these colors are very well pigmented, but a lot of them are not. There are also some very similar shades in this palette. I use maybe about half of the shades. Overall they do seem to be good quality and the range of colors is nice.

Maya C.
You get what you pay for.

Yeah, it comes with 88 different colors. Yeah, it's only about $20. Those are really the only things this has going for it. The color pay off is decent, but not consistent with all of the shadows. The worst part is the smell! Oye it smells terrible like really really cheap makeup that's been rotting. I don't know how to describe it, but I hate it.

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