Rosebud Perfume Co.

Strawberry Lip Balm

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Yasmin K.
LOVEE the strawberry.

I adore this. First of all, it smells (and tastes:P) AMAZINGGGG. I cannot get enough, it not only moisturizes your lips but the smell is extremely calming in a way. I prefer this over the rose mint one, that one has a much too strong smell for me. This has a very subtle, beautiful smell and it does a brilliant job at moisturizing.

Rebecca M.

I can't get enough of this product. First of all it is very cheap and has a lot of product for the price. The smell is GREAT and the way it makes your lips feel is even better. Trust me definitely get this lip balm. It looks nice, moisturizes, and smells great.

Erin J.

Love it! Smells wonderful! Glides on like butter and Helps with dry, peeling lips. I like to use it after a sugar scrub because it replenishes moisture. I even like it better than the EOS sphere balms!

Abi H.
If the scent doesn't win you over, the quality will!

I picked this out of the tower of small goodies on a visit to Sephora. I keep this balm in my purse just so I can smell it - such a delicious strawberry scent! I also love that it's sheer and keeps my lips moisturized all day. This is my #1 high end lip balm. HIGHLY Recommend!

Kaitlin K.
Vaseline x10!!!

This is great! It's like Vaseline, but It lasts longer, smells better, and leaves your lips smoother!! I've had the same tin for forever!! And I just made a dent in it. I use it everyday! Def getting rosebud salve and the mint one :)

Denise L.
favorite lip balm

this is my favorite lip balm I've tried so far! I own the original rosebud salve, the mint rosebud salve and this one... out of the three this is the best because the smell is amazing, and I love the way it goes on smoothly and makes even my worst cracked lips smooth and fully healed.

Sara D.

I absolutely love love love this product! It's super moisturising and smells/tastes great. I bought this product and even though I wasn't even close to being finished, I bought a backup :P this is a GREAT product.

Maya C.

This is one of the products that you always see in line at Sephora and I finally just gave in and bought it. I LOVE IT. It doesn't really smell like strawberry, and it certainly doesn't taste like it, but it is SUPER moisturizing without being greasy. It lasts for a while on my lips and when it does wear off my lips still feel soft and moisturized. The pan is huge and you get a lot of product, so this will last for a very long time.

Chelsey M.
Seriously AMAZING

I bought this a while back and OMG I love it so much! I love the smell and how it's not "goopy" to apply. I also like that it doesn't take like anything. I can't stand that sweet taste that some fruity balms have.

Melanie S.
Must buy!!

I bought this on a whim after seeing it in line at Sephora.. boy am I glad! I get horribly chapped lips, especially in the winter (when I bought it), so I've tried all sorts of chapstick products. This is by far the best one I've tried (even better than Carmex!!) and it smells great too! I was so sad to find that I lost it in the midst of moving away to school :( I need to get a new one ASAP!! Also- I used it everyday for months and it barely had a dent. This thing will last forever!