High Impact Mascara

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Kristen's T.
Great for everyday!

This is my go to mascara and has been for years. The reason why is it gives me volume and length without ever clumping. For not being waterproof this stuff stays put. I have never had issues with it smudging or giving me raccoon eyes by the end of the day. I have even fallen asleep with it on by accident and when I woke up I still didn't have any black under my eyes. Love it!

Abby S.
It ok

It's great for beginners and for going to the gym or trying to get a natural look but it's not very dark and doesn't add volume! I wear this to the gym when ever I go because it's light and it won't clog pies or make it harder to work out.

Kimberly H.
Pricey and flaky...6/10

For a high end mascara I expected a lot more than the usual drug store ones. It flakes within hours and by the end of the day its like I'm not wearing any mascara -I touch my eyes a lot but than again I had other mascaras that lasted me throughout the day. In terms of curling, I apply it than use my heated eye curler, curl lasts me all day. Don't waste your money on this...:(

Mary joy A.

curled my lashes, applied the mascara, and it completely fell. I have super straight eyelashes. On the other hand it works well as a coat after your favorite mascara!

Roxanne M.
waterproof one

I got this in the waterproof form. It is AWESOME! Lives up to what it says. Doesn't clump, doesn't flake, is completely waterproof,doesn't smudge. Finally after over a decade of wearing make up I found the best so far! It causes length and curl and some.volume. it eyes look so beautiful I could go without eyeliner. It even makes my lashes appear to be natural falsies they just look so beautiful and natural in this mascara

Alexandra C.
good product

this masacra works very well it is very good if you have allergies. its one of the only highend mascaras I own and I think I works very well

Stephanie L.
Sensitive eyes!

I have very sensitive eyes and horrible eye allergies. This is the only mascara I have found that I can wear all day and not make my eyes itch before I get the chance to take it off. I always go back to this mascara and wonder why I keep trying other brands

Jenn B.

I love this mascara. It gives a natural look but defines the lashes. It doesn't clump at all. The brown black color is still very dark, but also looks more natural than black (which is what I go for)

Gabriella R.

I've always had trouble with finding a mascara that doesn't make my eyes itch, so I decided to try Clinique. I'm almost out of this mascara and I haven't had any issues with it yet. The only thing I don't like is that is smudges if you wear two coats. Besides that, a great pick for sensitive eyes!

Mary Anne M.
Wet, Workable, Volumizing Mascara

This was the first mascara I have ever used when I was 17, and continue to use 6 years later. This barely lengthens my short lashes but that's alright, since I wear glasses and prefer not to have my lashes swiping against my glasses when I blink. But this mascara certainly adds volume to my lashes in three separate swipes, without weighing them down or uncurling them. The formula is thin and wet, so clumping is practically nonexistent when applying unless I wait too long before adding extra coats. It does take a little while for the mascara to dry after applying, but in the mean time it gives me the chance to brush through them and separate the lashes, which the wand does nicely with the wet formula. My lashes also remain soft throughout the duration of wear, and the mascara is easy to remove at the end of the day.