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Versatile, not scratchy and cheaper than Sonia G.

All brushes from the eye set are good values.

Good brushes

May be too small as it takes time to do a liner. But still my favoris for upper liner. I bought 2.

Big but efficient

Works well while it looks too large at first sight.

Hair are strong but not scratchy.

Goss brushes are good values.

Could look expensive at 1 sight

But if you compare with the price of the eye brushes = it seems like the cheapest per cm of hair and so the best bang for money !

I remove 1 star because it is less versatile than I would like it too be.

This one is good !

Almost as soft as the Goss in squirrel but picks product better and is denser.

Shape is good, size is not too big, not too small.

Handle feels ergonomic. Ferrule is sturdy (the one of Goss is too soft/thin).

Funny brush

Looks like a mix between a crease brush and a pencil brush.

Could probably be used as a pencil or as a crease with equal succes.

Does the job

I am not sure it works better than other brushes for difficult shadows but it works well for normal shadows.

As it is small it is more precise than builder 2 or 3 or pro or soft shader.

Not the first brush to buy if you have zero Sonia's brush but still useful.

The thick ferrule is not a problem and the thick handle is cool.

Good hairs design

Works well for smudging, does not hurt the lid like smudger 2 does.

I like the thick handle.

Not a smudger or I got 2 défective brushes ?

I have 2 of this brush. Both have been washed several times.

Yes, on my pic both are supposed to be the same brush and they are shown from side...from face they are different too : one is flat, the other round !

Sonia should improve the standardisation otherwise you never know what you will receive ! Sonia's surprise ?!

The biggest problem in this case : both are too sharp to smudge, they hurt the lid if you try to smudge.

Notice that one is VERY sharp. So this one works well as a liner brush but not AT ALL as a smudger. I ordered a smudger though...

So I am very unhappy.


Some people tell it is too large, I think it is not. I use this brush with pleasure as it is soft and efficient.

Some people complain about the wrapping or lack of it. I think it is not true, brushes are very well protected, no brush arrived with damaged hair. And I bought many + I live in France. The site is not stingy on paper or boxes.

And if you ever had a problem = the site is very open to find a solution.

The company that delivers in France (colis privés) is also reliable.

Good product + good seller.

Conclusion = achetez sans crainte.

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