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Brush 18 Eye Shadow Blending Brush

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Ilse V.
Perfect pigmented aplication!

I bought this in The Eye Set and it were my first natural hair bristles. I didn't know how they compared to other brands. I was pleasantly surprised by this brush, so much it made me enthousiast to buy other natural hair brushes! It's a far more beautiful experience to use natural hair brushes, it's like with watercolour painting. Synthetic brushes can never reach that level of painting and with the eye, even if the canvas is rather different, it's just a huge difference in quality and touch! This brush gives the best coverage, it just applicates colour the way I want it too! Now owning also the Sonya G. the soft shader, I can tell you if you have to choose between both, these are the things to consider! If you go for good and quick pigment application on your eye you need this one! Instead if you prefer a precise application you go for the Sonia G! The difference is very small, and a regular user maybe doesn't notice! I love them both, because they are both precise and pack on colour, but for these two arguments there are small differences! Hope this helps to make your choice!

Lana H.
Amazing brush, blends well

This brush gets the job done. I can create dimension in my crease when applying eye shadow. I have hooded lids and not too much space between the crease and my brows and this brush is perfect for that. It blends eyeshadow to perfection. It is not the softest brush but it blends eyeshadow so fast that it never really has the chance to irritate my eyes. Love this brush, use it every single day.

Dana M.
Best brush ever!

I have been using this brush for months now and it’s become my favorite out of around 30 brushes. It is so easy to use and the eyeshadow goes on so smooth. I really want another one but it’s always sold out!

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Samara J.
Superb Brushes!

I use his eye brushes every single day (alongside some Mac ones), they are so soft and blend shadow like a dream. Just need to add more to the two I've already bought.

Miss M.
Perfect for large crease space

I love this brush. It is soft without being "too soft". I am gradually losing some of my eyelid real estate to aging, but I have a lot of lid space. So this brush fits perfectly to add my transition shade without moving the slack skin in the area. It is my favorite crease brush.

Lubna O.
Really nice brush.

Really happy with this brush. Never used Wayne Goss brushes before and I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the brush picks up and lays down colour. Great for blending as well. Love the shape can use as a crease brush but also to deposit pigment all over my eyes.

Amy L.
Wonderful brush!
Photo of product included with review by Amy L.

I am so impressed with this brush. It is soft, versatile and is made well! The bristles are tight so it easy to pack on shadow. I use this brush to apply shadow to my lower lid and onto the crease since I have slightly hooded eyes. When I don’t want to have one color going from the lid to the crease, I use a smaller brush that he sells. If you have a lot of lid space, this is also great for you because you can generously pack on color with ease and it and it glides smoothly over the eye. I use it to also diffuse color as well and it blends effortlessly. I can’t imagine not having this in my collection. I’m truly a big fan of WG brushes.

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Sylvia A.
Every bit as they described.....

Wow. Amazing. Truly luxurious. I bought 2 of these brushes at the same time as a full set of Sonia G. I wish I had spend my money solely on Wayne's brushes. Unlike Sonia, these do not shed, they wash well and hold their shape and are so incredibly soft. Would give these 10 stars. Now I have to save up for the Wayne full eye set because the quality is second to none!!!!

Oxana F.

Amazing brush, soft, no shedding, great shape. Use it everytime, clean or with some nude color to blend the bright colour into skin. My eyes are too small for using this brush as a crease brush, but for placing nude colors all over the lid and blending it's perfect.

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jenn K.
I cannot live without this brush

I have a garillion eye brushes-From Sonia G Hakuhodo etc. This brush is perfect. So much so in fact, that i will likely pick up two or three more. Yes, it hurts a little bit if you're tight for cash, but this brush is a must. *MUST* Holy hell no other brush compares to this glorious brush. NONE

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