Beauty Product Reviews

Very soft, very chic !

Almost as soft as squirel hair.

Good construction. Perfect for a light application.

I did not wash yet though.

My favorite from this brand

Very good for blush, I never washed it though so I do not know of it is good once thé hair are spread.

Good brush

I wonder why some people do not like it.

I suspect they put too much product on the face.

Handle is too thick and too long. I prefer the pro handle on big brushes.

Too son ferrule

Not as soft as the smudger 1 that is very soft but still not sturdy.

Can we have sturdy ferrules that can stand the pressure of a nail ?

Ferrule is too soft

With a nail you can mark the metal which is a problem in my opinion, évent more at this price.

Ferrule is too soft

They are not that soft on face brushes and round eye brushes. So I tain it is possible to improve the ferrule.

I have 2 of this brush.

Ferrule is too soft

A nail can mark it.

As it is tightly packed it will not change shape like smudger 1 though.

The shape is good for smudging but the ferrule is ratty

The ferrule is very soft = press with a nail and you change the shape of the ferrule and hairs !

A brush of this price with a so cheap ferrule is a shame. Too much space between the ferrule and the hair too.

Very scratchy

Hair do not hold shape well (I never washed and used twice), ferrule way too soft (you can change the shape with a nail) and hair not soft.

My worst brush bought here and I have many.

The Wayne G one is much better !

Too itchy scratchy in the inner corner

I just tried the Z serie's pencil and Wayne G's one is way less nice on the inter corner.

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