Wayne Goss

Brush 08 Eyeliner Brush

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Wayne Goss: The Best Selling Brushes

How to Use Brush 08

Wayne calls it the “smallest push liner brush you’ve ever seen.” Find out what that means and how to use Brush 08 for incredible eye and brow makeup.


Mikako M.


Rissa P.
Favorite push liner

I only carry a few brushes in my makeup bag and this is one of them. I've waited for months for this brush to come back in stock and now that I have one, I'm kicking myself for not buying 2. I don't have any other brush as tiny as this brush. I immediately grab this brush to smudge out my eyeliner and draw in my brows. It's my favorite brush, hands down. When this comes back in stock, I'm definitely grabbing another.

Alicia M.
Best eyeliner brush to tight line with

I wish I had discovered this brush sooner. It is the best brush in my opinion to get right into that upper lash line to get a more defined eye look without the ‘thickness’ of using an eyeliner pencil. I love to use this with my powder eyeshadows either a black or dark brown and I’m always happy with the results. I need to get another one of these brushes for my gel pot eyeliners I would recommend this brush to anyone who wants to tightline

Tracey W.
Great for hooded eyes

HE is RIGHT! This is the dream liner brush for HOODED eyes! I brought at least 5 liner brushes.... from Sigma, IT, ABH, Smith, drugstore, to this... this is it! it creates that natural enhance liner look. I love how small and thin this is! If you like a THIN liner look, get this!

Leia H.
Using it daily

This is my first brush by Wayne and I absolutely love it! I mainly use it for tightlining my eyes and it's the perfect brush for it.

Amy L.
Tiny and perfect

This is super tiny and my eyes are on the small side and lashes tight. This brush allows me to get under my lashes and apply a thin layer of product. Same with the top lid- just use it to push and apply. I absolutely love this brush and am so glad I found it.

Harmony H.

I couldn't seem to find a good eyeliner brush that would work for me. But I think it's because they are either too thick or too flexible. This is the 1st brush I've used in this style and it made my eyeliner effortless. I always messed up on my eyeliner after putting so much work into my eye shadow so I eventually stopped wearing eye liners. I didn't think this kind of brush would work for winged eyeliner but it was perfect on my 1st try. And that was even on the eye I have the most trouble with. This is only my 2nd Wayne goss brush and I can't wait to try more!

Kathryn S.

TINY brush head GETS IN THERE and deposits pigment right into the lashline. Ideal for adding depth to the lashline, and also for those with light or blonde lashes, so you can avoid light roots that mascara can't reach. A MUST HAVE!

Melissa F.

I’ve tried so many liners and brushes and this is the first tool to actually allow me to get a fine line on my upper eyelid. My eyes are too allergic for tightlining to work and this gives me the same effect without the itching and watering. Thank you, Wayne Goss!

Taiga H.
The brush you have been looking for your whole life

This is the brush you have been looking for your whole life, but did not know it. It is tiny, but just perfect for wiggling in liner between your lashes. Perfect for deep set or hooded eyes. LOVE IT