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Olivier C.
A really high quality brush

so well made. Love the brush to polish, blend, and dust off powder. Sonia G converted me to Fan Brush. I really recommend this one and the Sculpt four!

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Hanh P.
Perfect Brush for Bronzer and Powder application - so SOFT!

This is absolutely worth it and the best fan brush out there. I use this for a perfectly diffused bronzer application and it makes applying makeup so quick and easy. The shape makes it great for powders along areas like your nose and mouth where you need that extra edge to get in there.

It is very soft on the skin. The undyed goat hair makes it good for blending out cream into powder. It really fluffs out pretty well after washing and use. And the shape just makes it a fun brush to use.

If you want a more targeted fan brush, the Sculpt 4 is a smaller version for this and I like to use that to apply contour on my nose or highlight on my cheeks.

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The quality and construction is just amazing - designed to last a very long time. Jumping for joy when I found out that Sonia G brushes are actually made by Chikuhodo!!! The kumanofude sticker on the plastic sleeve is the same one made by them. Now I'm planning to get more Sonia G brushes, it is worth the buck!

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Mia E.
Started to shed like crazy!

I loved this brush in the was so easy to use and blended bronzer beautifully. Now it is shedding like crazy all over! I have small white hairs all over my face and clothes when I am done. I take great care of my brushes so I’m pretty disappointed this is happening for such an expensive brush!

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Payal J.
Wow, Incredible !

When I got this brush, I had to try it immediately. It's really soft and fluffy. I am not used to fan brushes so it will be a little learning curve for me, but I was able to apply bronzer with this exactly as I had hoped. I was debating between this and the sculpt two, but I went with this one to achieve a more diffused look. With some practice it will make bronzer application quick and easy. I especially like how this applied the bronzer around the hair line, as before It ended up too far down my forehead for me. Solid brush from Sonia G, very happy!

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arina y.

I think this the best bronzer brush I ever used fir bronzer. Exceptional brush. I highly recommend it to those who struggle with bronzer application and have smaller face

Cathy B.
Easy diffused bronze or sculpted contour

Bought this brush after seeing Michelle Wang and Abby Bliss White raving about it.

Final verdict...absolutely worth the money. It is beautifully crafted, soft even after washing, and performs exquisitely. No shedding.

This is my first Sonia G brush and have already placed an order for more.

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Ashly J.
Favourite brush!!!
Photo of product included with review by Ashly J.

This is my favourite brush as it is so versatile for multiple uses. It picks up product like a dream and gives a natural bronze goddess look when applying bronzer. I have many Wayne Goss and Sonia G brushes and this one is a must have brush! It gives me anxiety to not have this brush as I love it so much!

Loan N.

This is my first Sonia G brush and it is perfection! Sonia has done a fantastic job with this fan brush. It’s big so it makes fast work of applying and blending out your bronzer and it feels so soft on your skin. This brush has made me appreciate fan brushes and I now own Sculpt 2 and Sculpt 3 brushes!

Jelena V.

After falling in love with the fan pro from the pro face set, I knew I had to get a fan brush from Sonia that would be suitable for bronzer. Because it's so chubby and dense, it works the product really well into the skin and makes it look so natural. The bristles are also super soft, so they don't move around my foundation at all. I used to hate fan brushes, because other brands make them so flimsy, but not Sonia! Her fan brushes have so much body to them and are really good at blending. I'm now eyeing the other fan brushes from her line, as I want to add more to my collection.