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Large pencil brush so it does not hurt when you blend the bottom lid. Most pencil brush are smaller hence this one is original.


Much softer than Mac 224. Holds it shape. Good size. ferrule is sturdy. I have 2 of this brush.

Very good for blush

The result is natural even with very pigmented blush.

The thick handle is cool and hairs are not scratchy at all.

One of the best Sonia's brush and I have most of them.

Mine is more pointy

Hurts the eyelid because too pointy,

The fact that no brushes x are the same is a problem of standardisation.

Too firm/sharp

Hurts the eye ball while Goss brushes do not.

Crease 1 and 2 do not do this either.

Is is enough ?

Mignon petit pinceau !

Qui n'irrite pas la peau des yeux (ni celles des couilles je suppose...).

Le prix est OK et la livraison est effaces.

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