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Pencil Two

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c m.

I love this brush for precision work. It is soft yet firm and doesnt poke my sensitive eyes like many other pencil brushes .

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Joanne J.
Absolute perfection, even 2 years later!

This is my favorite eyeshadow brush. I bought it mid May 2018 and have used and washed it oodles of times, and it's just like new! The handle is a work of art and beautifully weighted. The shape is PERFECTION and the bristles are the softest I've ever felt, and I have many other Japanese brushes. It's quick and easy to clean and doesn't stain. It's made to last and worth every penny.

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Laura L.
Nice little brush

I’ve not been disappointed by any Sonja G brushes and collect them one at a time as I can afford them. This is a nifty little finger type brush that I use for both detailed & smudged eye looks!

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Sacha Z.
Good hairs design

Works well for smudging, does not hurt the lid like smudger 2 does.

I like the thick handle.

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Sacha Z.

Large pencil brush so it does not hurt when you blend the bottom lid. Most pencil brush are smaller hence this one is original.

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Caitlyn M.
I never thought pencil brushes served a purpose

Ive tried a few pencil brushes because i always see people see/watch people use pencil brushes for eye looks I absolutely adored but after a couple Uses i just kinda stop using it. Most pencil brushes are pointed like an actual pencil,ranging from small to extra small.

This, this beauty because its round and big(er) you can use this to pack on shadow, of you love cut crease looks amd have slightly hooded eyes. GAME CHANGER. The color and the payoff, or lord. I This brush has inspired me again to play with make up and shadows. Im in love!

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Qing X.
It isn't perfect for Asian eyes

This brush is so easy to use and everyday it is a joy to use it. Even comes to pat McGrath shimmer eyeshadow, it can pick up a good amount of product and blend it very well. I am personally impressed. Now I am waiting for builder two restock.

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Qing X.
Probably one of best on market

I collected all of Sonia g brushes for eyeshadows. I really think it is worth it. I also owned one set of wg brush, it is better for soft eye looks. And wg brushes are really good value for its price. But sonin g blushes are just another level.

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Karoline K.
An essential

I find myself using this brush a lot as a very precise and strong blender, with no poking sensation or discomfort around the delicate eyelasherea. I reach more for this brush ower the Sonia G Pensil One brush, because I prefer the SG Smudger One brush combined with this.

I agree with the other reviewers; each of Sonia G's brushes is as good AS the next one. It is really down to your personal prefrence in shape and function.

I also like this brush for smoking out edges along the lashline, smokeing out the lower lashline and blending my innercorner highlight. I find that this works well with picking up both matte and satin, shimmer and metallic eyeshadows. It you are looking for the same result (with shimmers and metallics), as putting them on with your finger, I highly recommend the SG Builder One brush.

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Raquel C.
perfect for cream eyeshadows

I am using this brush a lot! Works perfectly with cream eyeshadows (and powder too). It has a medium size, perfect to create smoky effect. It also works very well to mark the crease. A basic that I can only recommend. Very versatile!

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