Wayne Goss Brush 08 Eyeliner Brush
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Wayne Goss

Brush 08 Eyeliner Brush


About Brush 08

Brush 08 is the perfect precision brush: the tiny tuft makes crisp, flawless eye liner and other detailed tasks easier than ever before. The square shape of the bristles works pigment directly into the root of lashes and brows for precise, pro-level results every time.

Brush 08 is also available with The Collection.

Why It's Special
  • Achieve ultimate control when applying precise amounts of color, thanks to the supple, tightly packed bristles
  • The endlessly versatile shape conquers any intricate task—from tightlining the eyes to drawing individual brow hairs
  • Each brush is carefully handmade in Kumano, Japan by more than 20 artisans using traditional brush making techniques
How to Use

Dip Brush 08 in gel or cream eye liner and glide along the lashline for smooth, crisp lines. Push eye liner deep into lashes for a more subtle eye-enhancing effect. To fill in brows, angle Brush 08 on its side and draw light, thin strokes for a natural look.

Other Details
  • Total length of brush: 130 mm
  • Length of bristles: 2 mm
  • Hair type: Natural
  • Cruelty-free