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I have naturally straight hair, and all this product did was give a matte, frizzy look to my hair but no waves. I've even tried curling my hair first and then apply the product, but this product uncurls my hair and I end up with the EXACT same results. I only use this product when I want to give my hair texture for like a messy bun, but I probably won't buy it again.

Decent liquid liner

Good black shade. Very easy to apply. Excellent brush makes it easy to choose your desired thickness. Formula isn't too bad either. If you wear it for a long time though it tends to flake off. This would probably be the best eyeliner for a beginner!

Good cheap blush

I had the pink one, and it had decent pigmentation. One swipe on the cheeks was enough for a nice pink flush. It's a mostly matte finish. It didn't have very good staying power, but you get so much product for the price it feels like a good deal.

Lacks consistency in quality

The first blush I bought had okay pigmentation. It didn't last long on the cheeks, but it gave me a nice rosy glow. It was a satin finish, and I really didn't mind the scent the a lot of people mention. But the second time I bought this, the product itself was very stiff and had NO pigmentation. I had to literally dig my brush in several times just to get ANY color on the brush and on my cheeks. I had to layer it on because it was just so sheer. I'm guessing it was a bad batch.

Not the best

Decent enough to set your foundation. It does not prevent any oil, though it doesn't claim to. It easily transfers onto clothes. I'm not sensitive to smells, but this powder had a very strong "cat food" type of scent to it. I could even smell when I wore it on my face.

Good tinted moisturizer

It gives light coverage, but good enough to cover redness and even out your skin tone. It's feels moisturizing, I feel no need for a primer when I use this. It has a dewy finish. I don't usually set it with a powder when I wear it. I love how it feels so light on the skin, I forget I have it on. Blends effortlessly on my skin. It can easily be applied with your fingers too. By the end of the day, my face will get a bit oily wearing this but I don't really mind since I mostly use for the daytime.

It's OK

It's like the regular LashBlast but more natural. It doesn't give you the dramatic length and volume it claims. I don't feel like it held my curl very well either. I got the "water resistant" formula. As soon as my sensitive eyes got watery, this mascara got so runny and got on my cheeks. It doesn't clump at all though so I can kind of see why some people like it. It just wasn't my cup of tea I guess.

Great BASIC mascara

Once you get used to the curved brush, it's really easy to use. It gives decent volume and definition, but not much length. It's not a dramatic mascara at all, its more like a "my natural lashes but better" kind of mascara if that makes sense. I personally never felt the need to curl my eyelashes with this mascara. I had the washable version and it never once smudged or got runny whenever my eyes got watery. It doesn't clump or flake either. I feel like this is the best mascara for BEGINNERS since it is ridiculously easy to use. No need to wiggle the wand either.

Great cheap bronzer

One of the few MATTE bronzers at the drugstore. I got mine in "Sun Light", and I feel like it is the perfect shade for my light-medium skin tone. It is so easy to use and blends well. It gives me such a nice sun kissed glow just like it claims. When done right, it can also be used as a natural contour. It does have a "sunscreen" scent to it, but once it's on my face I can't really smell it. It doesn't really last all day for me, but for the price I say go for it!

Great length!

Makes my medium eyelashes look long. Not the MOST dramatic length though, personally. Gives decent volume. A little difficult to apply because it can be very clumpy, especially within the first week of using it. I had to wipe some of the product off in a tissue. After you use it for about a week it's not so difficult to apply. I'm not really sure why. My sensitive eyes get watery throughout the day, and this clumps my eyelashes as soon as it happens. The brush kind of pokes me sometimes when I apply it. Overall, I think it's an okay mascara.

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