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Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder

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Simera H.

I use the Peach color that was discontinued which is really sad because it's such a gorgeous peach shade. I made sure I bought several back ups. I use this powder as a blush and it gives my skin a nice healthy glow. The powder is super easy to blend and has excellent staying power.

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Diana M.

Great colors (for my skin tone at least). I have the blush and it's the perfect pink shade for a sweet look. I use it on a stippling brush because otherwise it will be too overwhelming. Doesn't last all day, but that's what you get for the price. Love it anyway!

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Rebecca M.
Thank goodness I bought this

I was in need for an affordable pink blush and this caught my eye. I'm not too fond of NYC but I just had to try it, and I'm so glad I did :) highly pigmented and lasts a good amount of time. Def a must buy.

Jewels G.

I have this in Rose Glow. I love how all the colours blend together to create the perfect shade! I bought mine at target thinking it wasn't going to work very well because it was only $5.00,but I was wrong.I'd say the quality isn't 100%, but i like it.I will definitely be buying this in some more shades!

Danielle H.
LOVE this product!

I bought this on a whim one day to add to my never ending makeup collection and am sooo happy that I did. I usually focus mainly on my eyes, but recently started getting a little adventurous with my makeup. I wasn't too sure what color would look good on me so I got this since it had multiple shades you can mix up. I bought 'Peach Glow 726A' and it looks amazing. I wear it all the time and when winter dies down, I can wear it to keep up a kind of summery glow (:

Gabriella R.
Great for a blush!

I recently got this at heb forgot what the price was but it works great. I have the pink one. i like how all the colors mix together to make a great pink. i bought it because i didnt have a bright pink in my collection and i love it:)

Haley C.
My go to.

I have used so many different brands of powder. Stuff that was $4 to $60. & then I found this. I I went through I would say three color wheels in 2011 so far. It always matches my skin tone. It don't matter if I have a tan or not. It is light and you can't even feel that it's there. My face does not get shinny, & let me say I hate that. It is just an all around great powder and very affordable.

AlmostStylish X.
Go to bronzer

My every day bronzer.. This is a great contour color also since it doesnt have a lot if any shimmer in it.. I keep this in my makeup bag and apply as needed throughout the day, I find that it is pretty buildable so I dont have to worry about looking dark brown by the end of the day if I re-apply a few times periodically to matte my skin..

Elizabeth D.

This bronzer is my go-to for quick contouring. It is super affordable ($4) and works like a charm. It can be a bit difficult to blend, so you need to be careful not to apply to0 much right off the bat, it's important to build it up, and BLEND. When paired with a good primer, it stays put all day! :)

Angela V.

This is a good product but I would like to say that you don't want to put to much on or u can start to look clown like.. I have the pink one and it is a tad to pink for me but I believe these are good products and they are reasonable priced