Not Your Mother's

Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray


Myrna P.

This product delivers what it promises. I saw it at CVS and just had to try it. Originally what caught my eye was the packaging. I love it. It smells great and my hair seriously looks as if I was at the beach.

I have thick, curly hair and at this point of growing my hair out, it is a bit out of place. It isn't heavy or oily and leaves your hair with a nice matte finish.

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Connie Y.
beachyy sexyy waves!!

This sea salt spray is GREAT if you want that beachy, sexy, toussled hairstyle. I just spray this in my damp hair, scrunch my hair & it just gives me that wavy hairstyle I like. A great way to amp up your hair without using any heating tools!

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Tia B.

i love this product!!!!!!!!!:) it gives you the best waves and it smelles really good!!:) it is very cheap it was only $4.74 at my walmart and i think that is a great price!!:) i will keep buying this stuff!!!!:)

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Lori S.
awesome stuff!

As the oposite situation from the thick-curly headed reviewer below me, i have medium weight hair that maybe a bit on the finer side, it's pretty strait, and i have tons of it. And this sea salt spray did WONDERS for me as well! it brought out the sparse nautral wave that i have and it looked as if i spent the day in the water! Loved the smell, but the spray is a bit you tend to breathe in some of the salty-tasting product. Overall I love this brand, it's affordable and you can find it at Walmart!

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Kendall N.

I love this product! I got it at CVS in a small bottle and I think it works really nice! I have naturally wavy hair, but I like the waves it gives me. What I do is braid my hair into 2 sections and spray the braids with the product, then go to sleep ( with damp hair) I take the braids out the next day and wAlla! Love it

Gracelyn M.
Photo of product included with review by Gracelyn M.

I swear by this product! Looks like I really went to the beach. It doesn't make your hair stiff or frizzy. Perfect drug store buy! Try cvs, target, walgreens and Sally's

Caitlin F.
My favorite.

I always use it I love it so much! I use it with the cream. It works so well in my hair oh my goodness I love it so much. Hahaha

Jessica  C.

I have very think hair but it's not very wavy and never wants to hold a curl unless I use a lot of heat. I've tried so many different products to give my hair that scrunched beachy look and nothing seemed to work. But this stuff is great! my hair is pretty short because I have an angled Bob cut, and while the back was a little harder to curl the sides were perfect. Definitely going to keep this stuff in stock!

Breelyn H.

It smells so delicious and I would definitely buy this again. I have thick, wavy hair so it's totally perfect and the beach waves I get look so pretty. Hopefully more products are to come with Not Your Mother's brand.

Kati A.
Great :)

It's fab...smells great, beachy, and in general, perfect for messy curls or a messy ponytail! I didn't like it very much when I had shorter hair because it didn't look right, but now that my hair's longer, I love it!