Not Your Mother's

Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray


Zoah O.

bleh it makes my hair greasy and dry worst product I have ever used! I really hated it the only reason I gave it 2 stars is because it made my hair curlier

Melanie C. Team
smells like coconuts or a day at the beach

I. Love. Salt. Sprays!!! Believe me, every time I see a new one at the store, I HAVE to pick it up and look at it then hem and haw whether I want another one or not. Most of the time I have pretty good self discipline, but I do love looking at them. NYM is an affordable hair care line. Although this spray is the only product from them I've tried to date, I like it a lot. It smells great (like coconuts) and comes in a super easy spray bottle which makes application easy. You get a lot of product for your buck and it leaves my hair with some slight waves. I usually apply this in the morning after my Sexy Hair Volumizing Powder, spritz this all over, then tie my hair in a bun while I get ready for the day. Voila! Sexy, not crunchy waves and my hair smells uhhhhmazinnnggg.

Gabi F.

I used this product on my damp hair and scrunched it in and styled my hair to air-dry as normal but it made my hair feel nasty and look so greasy that it didn't look like I had even washed it. I thought it was my mistake and tried it again the next day and it did the same thing again.

Hanna Z.
Doesn't work!

I bought this product a few weeks ago and it doesn't affect my hair at all. When I spray it into my hair, the texture of my hair before stays the same. The only thing I like is the sweet smell. I would not recommend this product at all.

Allie F.

I've been using not your mother's beach babe sea salt spray for awhile now. it works ok. I mean it gets the job done. my hair gets so dry and matted after using it. I have naturally thick curly hair. I feel that this product doesn't give my hair much volume at all. I have to scrunch the shit out of my hair and use a lot of the spray just to notice the beach waves. I'll keep using this until I run out, but I think I'll be trying other sea salt products for beachy waves from now on.

Grace H.
good product if....

This is a good product if you do not have naturally curly or super wavy hair. If you have naturally straight or little wavy or in between, it works and gives great waves! I found for my naturally curly hair the waves it created looked really weird mixed in with my curls. If you have hair like mine I do not suggest getting any type of spray for "beach waves". Just put your hair in a bun overnight comb out in the morning and get the same results! (with maybe a little bit of mouse) ;)

Julie G.
Tangled, frizzy mess

I bought the travel sized bottle to see for myself what the fuss was about. My first impression: the scent is this nice coconut fragrance. The actual product, however, didn't give me beachy waves. Whether dry or damp, all that happened was that my curls got tangled into a frizz nest and it felt crispy stiff. I wouldn't recommend this product to people with dark, curly hair.

Jessi W.

I got this spray because I've heard good reviews on it. For the price, it was worth it. It works great and I find when I use it when my hair is damp it emphasizes my natural waves when it becomes dry. So if you need a cheap beach spray, this is the one to purchase!

Riah S.
It's okay...

I find this product okay I'm not a huge fan my hair doesn't do beach waves I guess but it's good when i curl my hair I think it helps hold the curl for alittle bit longer the it would without it but overall I haven't been able to get "beach waves" with this product..

Ana B.

I have naturally straight hair, and all this product did was give a matte, frizzy look to my hair but no waves. I've even tried curling my hair first and then apply the product, but this product uncurls my hair and I end up with the EXACT same results. I only use this product when I want to give my hair texture for like a messy bun, but I probably won't buy it again.