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Perfect for supple skin

I have a ton of toners as well as this one. I liked it enough to buy it but its rarley my go to toner after I wash my face. I think the fact that its a lotion limits my enjoyment with it. After I was my face, I look to my toner to really remove excess oil and leave my skin feeling fresh, for some reason I never feel exactly clean with this product and it may be because it leaves a residue of hydration behind. Great product though if you hate the burn of other toners made for oily skin types.

Perfect for Oily skin types

I use this product mostly in the summer as my face moisturizer it give unbelievable moisture in a watery form. Just a drop of this liquid is enough hydration to last throughout my day. I would also recommend it as a toner for people with extremely dry skin. There is a reason this product has been around for over 100's amazing...even if you don't buy it, pop into your local shiseido and try it!

Fabulous mask

This mask is perfect for anyone needing to draw impurities from their skin. Most people report a tightening which they equate to a drying feeling but actually what is happening is charcoal is sucking out the impurities. I totally recommend this product for every one especially people with cystic acne.

My secret addiction

I have to confess, I own 5 of these 8 blush colors. Any time I go up to the Elizabeth Arden counter I have to do it incongnito for fear that someone will see me there LOL. I so consider this line an old lady brand but I must say, their blushes and lip sticks are something serious. My favorite blush is the terrarose although I like them all that one is just my most used. They are smooth, highly pigmented, and have a subtle sheen like a back blush without being baked. So, yeah, I said it! I use these blushes...don't judge me! LOL

Good Coverage with Bad Breakouts

I used this foundation for a very long time (2 months...longer than what I usually give my foundations before moving onto something else) and I absolutly loved the coverage. I used it dispite the breakout it caused. Actually, I knew it was breaking me out and I continued to use it anyway before finally switching to the DiorSkin Nude foundation. I know that Lancome products break many people out due to the heavy added fragrance (take of wiff, all their products smell like bar soap). I did an exclusivly Lancome tutorial about 2 months ago - in the video I mention how the makeup was going to break me out - and now I'm still concealing the acne scarring the foundation left after just 1 application. I think it's important to say that I was breakout free since I swicthed from Lancome to Dior, then to MUFE, then to Clinique, then to Cargo and that 1 application left its damage. Another con is the SPF...I could never wear this foundation when I knew I was going to have my picture taken well, because I can't stress enough, SPF refflects too much light and makes you look like youre wearing makeup 10x's lighter. Aside from all of that, it really did have a good coverage.


All these years I've spent doubling my own lashes and here comes eylure selling already doubled lashes for like four bucks. I had to purchase them!!! I often use them on photoshoot and the look hella natural. Eylure...I-Love

Great for Ance Skin

If you're looking for a heavy duty scrub that is not abrasive then look no more. This scrub is a paste to be used on dry skin. As you move the product around your face you can see it pick up and clump around the dead skin. I KNOW AWESOME RIGHT! The only other product I know like this if Modern Friction from Origins. Absolutly Amazing.

Skin Perfection

The only medium to full coverage on the market. I'm a MUA junkie so the silly trivia I know you'll have to understand makeup is what I'm rooted in soooo....This product has been around since hd tv. Was the first HD makeup to come out before Smashbox and Make-Up 4 Ever. It was only available to Make-Up Artist problem was actors and actress (since CARGO is a professional makeup line) kept stealing it out of the Artist Kits. Maker of the powder figured 'if it's so good that celebrities are stealing it to wear on an everyday basis prehaps we should market it to the public' So if you want Angelina's skin from the cover of Allure...she is not using bare escentuals...she's more likely using this.

Better than clarisonic

I assume by the lack of reviews that everyone is still buying the clarisonic...sad. This product is stronger at 400X per second while the clari only gets up to 300X per second. The revolve goes in a full rotation. Clari does a little windsheild wiper motion back and forth. the revolve comes with a cleansing head and a dermabrasion head, the clari only comes with cleansing. The revolve is more portable the the full sized clari and it like 100 bucks less. I love my revolve and I find myself reaching for it more often than my mia. Plus with the money I could have saved, I could have also got a cute pair of boots ;-p

Are you a women of Color?

For every woman I love cargo's blushes they are smooth in texture, blend amazingly, and have a stunning color pay off. For any woman of color Laguna blush by CARGO needs to be in you makeup arsenal. This shade of blush adds the natural flush of color to the cheeks of deeper skin tones the same way raisin from Mac adds color to the cheeks. If you don't own need to own it.

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