Naturalites Double False Eyelashes 204

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Glitterface x.
Very dramatic effect, can look tacky so be careful

I loved these for a while but after wearing them a good few times, I began to realise that the best thing about these particular ones is probably the glue (so I started just buying the eylure brand glue separately) There are lots of dramatic lashes out there with more beautiful shapes and more flattering and elegant profile on the eye (and lots cheaper) I buy all my lashes from e-bay now :) #supercheap

SteffyBubu P.

i like these, hand full to apply tho, but i would reccomend them if you like big full lashes, i wear them if im going out to look abit more statment

Charnell C.
dont know if it was a fluke or not, will not be repurchasing.

This was my first time trying the Eyelure lashes. So, I put on the left one with no problem. Goes to pull the right one off the tray, and half of the lashes comes off the spine! My mama said it sounded like it was dry rotted. I've nvr heard of eyelashes dry rotting. The spine was also thicker than what I'm used to. Whatever the case was, I was very disappointed. And these were not cheap in my area; almost 7 dollars. I will just stick to my Ardell's.

Angel M.
Photo of product included with review by Angel M.

All these years I've spent doubling my own lashes and here comes eylure selling already doubled lashes for like four bucks. I had to purchase them!!! I often use them on photoshoot and the look hella natural. Eylure...I-Love

Nikki Z.

I wear lashes every day of my life and I often layer them so when I found these I was in love. These give you big ol' sexy girl lashes and the quality just rocks. Even though they look intimidating they look gorgeous on the eyes! I ALWAYS get compliments on these. And they are super easy to wear again.

Binks B.
Full , lush lashes!

These are quality lashes, honestly I like them a lot more than Ardell or Mod lashes. I don't know if I like them better than MAC or Makeup forever lashes but they definitely cost less ($6) than the higher end lashes. They fit well on my eyes (they are also easy to cut and fit) and even though these specific lashes(204) are a little heavy they definitely add the extra flair to your look.

I got these lashes at ULTA and I fell in love. I also got different pairs of other lashes of Eyelure but I don't remember the numbers. They lasted me a long time and for me it was easy to remove makeup from them (like mascara -ooopps!, eyeliner and glue buildup) and they were re-useable for about 5-8 more times before they started to look a little limp (which is when I cut them and used them as corner lashes, this is how much I love these lashes.)

So far I have nothing bad to say about these lashes, I love them!