Elizabeth Arden


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Jessica R.

These colors are pigmented, natural, gorgeous....I love every shade! I actually tried them because my Grandma got a few free samples & shared with me. Now I'm hooked! Definitely a great buy!

Angel M.
My secret addiction

I have to confess, I own 5 of these 8 blush colors. Any time I go up to the Elizabeth Arden counter I have to do it incongnito for fear that someone will see me there LOL. I so consider this line an old lady brand but I must say, their blushes and lip sticks are something serious. My favorite blush is the terrarose although I like them all that one is just my most used. They are smooth, highly pigmented, and have a subtle sheen like a back blush without being baked. So, yeah, I said it! I use these blushes...don't judge me! LOL

Chetna M.

This blush is quite smooth n very light. I love the color, its very natural, blends in well and pigmented to perfection. These come in a classy case and a large mirror, which is very handy. Only lag is that it doesnt last long. Overall a good product if you are ok to shell out a little more for this one.