Clear Improvement


Cheyenne B.

I've tried so many masks but I ALWAYS fall back to this one when I want my skin to really clear up. It's so so worth the price (which is nothing compared to some like glamglow) Once every few weeks I'll use it all over for that extra kick, but I love to use it just on my nose for blackheads!

I have dry skin, not oily, so this mask isn't really for my skin type, but I like using it on and around my nose. I don't use it on other parts of my face, or use it on a regular basis, but whenever I feel like I need a deep cleaning this is what I reach for. I love the tight tingly-ness you get when it's on and the smooth feeling after washing it off.

Amanda S.
a great product

this product is just wonderful.i have been using it for a few weeks now and see a huge difference in my skin.when its applied to my face i can feel it and see it working as it drys..after i clean it off my face looks so fresh and clean.i have combination skin and i did notice small dry spots here and there on my face so if you have dry skin to begin with this will probably leave your skin feeling ever drier but works great on oily skin...highly recommend this !!

Angel M.
Fabulous mask

This mask is perfect for anyone needing to draw impurities from their skin. Most people report a tightening which they equate to a drying feeling but actually what is happening is charcoal is sucking out the impurities. I totally recommend this product for every one especially people with cystic acne.

Patty S.
Great for oily skin!

I recently purchased this product and I love it! It leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. I would highly recommend this product for those with oily or combination skin, but not for those with a dry complexion, as it can be a bit drying. Once you use the mask your skin will be left looking smoother and with visibly smaller pores.

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Alysia B.

I love this mask so much I wanted to buy ever single tube while working at Origins. I had used it for about a year and it always yield the same results which were clear, fresh skin. I'm a bit on the oily side so I wouldn't recommend it for a dry or a dry combination skin. It may dry you out your skin I've been told. I even tried Clarins pink clay mask and was underwhelmed in comparison to clear improvement. I highly recommend it to someone with large pores and or oily problem skin.