Vickie L.

Over the summer I had gotten a lot TAN and it was hard to find my shade with my usual buy, Revlon Photo ready. Once I tried on the Bisque 6w, I fell in absolute love! It's a foundation that asks for no Prep or Prime, It has a flawless satin finish, major sweat proof, and the most important quality, It goes nowhere! It last as long as it claims! Best liquid foundation from Lancome!!!

Sorell B.
Cannot give enough credit.

I have been using this product for the last two weeks now and I love it. Thats the only and best way to describe it. I have pale pink tinted skin (proper english rose :D) and finding good foundation is hard. This foundation has a really creamy texture and glide on the the skin. It sets to a powder consistancy, it is wearable for a long time, breathable and doesnt move or rub of easily. love love love!!

Vicky L.

I've been looking for a good foundation with good coverage and as well as not feeling too heavy on. Well let me tell you. This one is a keeper, I love how it feels like i don't have a heavy mask on. Best of as all the coverage is great. I have combination skin and this works.

Korie S.

My aunty actually gave me this foundation and luckily it was in the right shade. I really like this foundation because it covers my redness and blends into my skin very well. It lasts almost the whole day which is a plus. I've been using it for a couple months already and I still have a lot left in the bottle so I guess its worth the price. I also love the pump is comes with, very convenient!

Heather S.
Flawless Coverage

This is BY FAR the best foundation I have ever used, let me tell you, I've tried them all! It has the best coverage! I have freckles and some acne scars and it covers them up completely all while still looking natural. There truly is no need to retouch even after 14-hours as advertised. It's seriously amazing.

Zenobia M.

LOVE, but a nono with PETA.

Jackie D.

this product is amazing totally matched me perfect no discoloring of skin and neck & glides on so smooth I know it's a bit pricey but if you can't find a perfect foundation then invest in this it's worth the money & is alot of product I wear foundation everyday & it last me 5-6 months

Shera G.
Great, but no the best for oily skin...

Pros: -Love the powder finish.. goes on like a liquid and dries into the perfectly smooth, powdery matte finish... -Very light... -Great coverage...

Cons: -By the end of the day, my face was an oily mess!!! And that's even with primer... -Smudges a whole lot...

Overall, it's good... but it's not 14-hour wear... not on my skin anyway!

Cameron R.
A Christmas Gift From The Gods - Updated

Looking for a thicker, creamier foundation today I decided on buying Lancome Teint Idole. I was in a rush to get in and out, so I ran to the Lancome section, grabbed the color I needed, and went to exchange. Upon getting home, I realized I had actually grabbed Lancome Teint Idole and freaked cause I remember reading about it being a really long staying foundation with full coverage. I decided since it was too late to go back today, I might as well try it and I will be darned if this stuff isn't a gift from the Gods!

The packaging is very typical of Lancome. The product came with a pump which is always great for product control, and the texture of the foundation itself is very creamy, but slightly viscous which makes for better blending. The color match was dead on also. I applied with a stippling brush I sprayed with facial spray prior and used maybe 3/4 a pump. The finish is satin-matte, with the satin only being on my cheekbones and nose, while everything else stays a nice matte finish. I would describe this as a medium foundation with build-able coverage since the product doesn't dry too quickly. I would also recommend not setting this with a powder if you want the coverage to look natural at all. The product has not moved at all from my face, and I did notice some slight creasing around my smile area that could probably be remedied with using a heavier moisture or for someone only using in the warmer months. I would definitely give this a go if you are looking for flawless skin without the cakey, the sticky, and the cracking!

Update: I ended up returning this within the week I got it, to get what I originally wanted, Lancome's Teint Miracle Foundation. The only reason I returned this was because my skin was too dry to be wearing such a mattifying, long-lasting foundation in the winter, I was looking for something more moisturizing and creamy. Althought I really did love this at first, I noticed throughout the week that my skin became increasingly irritated, dry and dull after my makeup was removed which would would make reapplication of this product the next day a pain in the ass because my skin was so dehydrated and intolerant that I couldn't make it look good. I would wear this in the summer months, but unfortunately I normally only will wear light to sheer coverage foundations in the summer because I have grown to hate the feel of heavy foundation on my face when it's consistently over 100 degrees out with hellish humidity. It really would be an amazing foundation for oily skin girls or boys looking for that flawless satin-matte finish, I just wish my temperamental skin could handle it! = (

Angel M.
Good Coverage with Bad Breakouts
Photo of product included with review by Angel M.

I used this foundation for a very long time (2 months...longer than what I usually give my foundations before moving onto something else) and I absolutly loved the coverage. I used it dispite the breakout it caused. Actually, I knew it was breaking me out and I continued to use it anyway before finally switching to the DiorSkin Nude foundation. I know that Lancome products break many people out due to the heavy added fragrance (take of wiff, all their products smell like bar soap). I did an exclusivly Lancome tutorial about 2 months ago - in the video I mention how the makeup was going to break me out - and now I'm still concealing the acne scarring the foundation left after just 1 application. I think it's important to say that I was breakout free since I swicthed from Lancome to Dior, then to MUFE, then to Clinique, then to Cargo and that 1 application left its damage. Another con is the SPF...I could never wear this foundation when I knew I was going to have my picture taken well, because I can't stress enough, SPF refflects too much light and makes you look like youre wearing makeup 10x's lighter. Aside from all of that, it really did have a good coverage.