Skin Prep Scrub


Panya J.

After using this product my face felt very smooth and not to dry. I was looking for an exfoiliator with very little chemicals. This is prefect. This product has corn husk in it. For a really good scrub use less water. I sometimes mix it with my daily cleasing for a quick refresher.

Angel M.
Great for Ance Skin

If you're looking for a heavy duty scrub that is not abrasive then look no more. This scrub is a paste to be used on dry skin. As you move the product around your face you can see it pick up and clump around the dead skin. I KNOW AWESOME RIGHT! The only other product I know like this if Modern Friction from Origins. Absolutly Amazing.

Angel C.
Was a little too abrasive for me and that's saying a lot...

I usually go for scrubs that are more abrasive than less just because my skin can handle the roughness, but this scrub was just a little too much for me.

I'm not sure if it was so much the texture or an added ingredient that went wrong for me, but I just didn't care for this scrub. I got a sample from my work and was super stoked to give it a shot. I got home and did my normal routine of taking off my makeup and prepping my skin to be washed. I added this into the mix without doing anything but taking my makeup off with warm water and remover. I began scrubbing this into my skin and immediately it felt as if I were scrubbing my face with sandpaper. The granules just didn't seem to be dispersed into the mixture like I had hoped they would. My skin felt very irritated after using it, and I had to allow a few minutes for it to calm down before I could continue with my cleaning routine.

Like I've said before, I usually like an abrasive scrub but this was just a bit too much for me. The turnout with my skin after a day or so was nice, but I don't think it was worth it. My face just felt raw! I love Dermalogica products, but this was a miss for me :( really wanted to like it though =/