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It did nothing for me

I just expected more. I find that waterproof mascara tends to hold really well. After curling my lashes it seemed to weigh it down. This one didn't work out for me. One positive? I like the rubber applicator. I'm pretty much using other mascaras and using this brush to separate my lashes afterwards. I paid for it, might as well make it useful right? :)

Follow up review!

So some actual time has passed and it wasn't until last Saturday morning that I realized the product actually works! My lashes appear fuller and naturally longer. There are some mornings when I really don't want to put on eye liner but forced myself to in order to see if the claims held true to their word. They do - and I bought it in clear. I've actually switched up my mascara too. I used to really want more length but now that I have that because of this product, I'm all about definition and volume. Thumbs up.

Great Winter Lotion

I spent a whole $9.99 on a St. Ives Christmas package at Walmart just to get this lotion! (Apricot scrub and moisturizer was just a bonus). Before I bought this Aveeno body lotions seemed to be the only products that would retain my moisture. I am very satisfied with this one and it definitely helps to keep more money in my pocket.

Just another satisfied customer

Wow I'm really happy to hear that there are so many positive reviews about this liner. I've only had it for a week myself so I too can not speak of the lash growth but also want to say this is the only liquid liner I like. I'm not a make-up pro, but it's easy to apply, easy to correct and the brush truly is wonderful for wings.

Enamoured by Enamoured

It's a matte finish chubby lipstick pencil. So far I'm in love with it. I wear lip balm before I apply it. It doesn't feel drying at all and goes on really easy. The colour is slightly lighter than my actual lip colour. I sort of think of it as a foundation for my lips. It seems to enhance the natural lip colour without looking like you've got too much goin' on. Let's just hope my fat pencil sharpener is kind to this stick and I don't waste too much of it. I didn't buy the Topshop one. Wish me luck!

Easy and Fun

With the right top coat this product can last weeks. My nails are really short so I cut them down in hopes of saving them, but just like so many online reviewers have mentioned they dry out. (I used superglue - i'm going nowhere fancy this weekend LOL :/ it's fine!)

Pleasantly Surprised

I am loving this product. It's great as a highlighter. Very little applied for a great glow (as so many people have commented) , so it will last you a while. What a great value. Add just a few more strokes for night time glamour. I'm very happy with it and prefer it to some higher end lines.

I will add to this review later...

but quickly... Long spider legs... didn't hold my curl, almost felt weighed down because the fibre made the lashes so thick. It retails at the higher end of their mascara price point. I like a lot of L'oreal products, but I personally don't see the value in this one. My girlfriend at work actually likes the 'clumpy' look. I might suggest this one to her.

Did I mention I LOVE this website? Everyone is entitled to share their personal experience with the product and their opinion. You can see the results for yourself thanks to all the wonderful people that have posted the product on them with their review.

My Favourite!

A girlfriend of mine that wears falsies on the regular actually asked me on two occasions if I was wearing false lashes. I was happy to report I was only using this drugstore brand mascara. It's my absolute favourite. I have achieved the most length with this product than I have with any other product. It lengthens and separates so you can still look very natural. You can add another coat or two if you want to thicken it up. I have small asian eyes. This waterproof product holds curl and can open up your eyes really well.

Reduced my need for cortisone cream

I have mild eczema breakouts on the inside of my elbows and backside of my knees. I use an exfoliating sponge to give me that extra clean feeling and remove the dry dead skin on top. I especially love this product in the winter time, it moisturizes so well I'm tempted to leave the house without lotion. LoL

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