Lash Blast Lengthening Mascara

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Maria L.
This was made for me!

No matter what mascara I use, I always swipe the wand on a tissue to remove most of the product from the wand. This always allows me to build up the intensity I want on my lashes without getting heavy and clumpy. Cover Girl Lash Blast Lengthening Mascara has eliminated that step. It's a drier formula and the brush head comes out of the tube with no heavy product. The brush head is thin which lets me get ALL of my lashes covered (like Maybelline's Lash Discovery brush but amped up with more bristles). Because it's a drier formula, I apply 3-4 coats for outrageous length without the weight or clumps. This one is a keeper for me!

Steph L.
One of my Faves

I absolutely love this mascara. I wear it once in a while like if I'm going out shopping with my mom or when I'm at work. It lasts me the whole day with out flaking off. My eyelashes look longer and thicker. This mascara also makes my eyelashes look darker. I highly recommend this mascara to anyone!

Jordan C.
Fantastic for Length!

The "expensive" version of over-the-counter mascaras (for us college students), this mascara, ringing in at around $8.00-$9.00, does a fantastic job of lengthening and separating lashes, giving them a doll-like appearance.

ashley h.

i love the rubber wand of this mascara! it's long & skinny, perfect for getting every single hair. plus it seperates my lashes & doesn't make them all...crunchy looking! lol.

this is my HG mascara for my lower lashes. it separates my lashes & i feel like it makes them look a bit longer.

Hannah F.
Favourite <3

This mascara has a really long brush, which is amazing for making your eyelashes look longer. It's a really nice formula and no clumping at all. It lengthens your lashes so well, while still making them look natural and not too extreme. It's a mascara that you can use on a day-to-day basis. :)

Clair H.

Deffinately my go-to mascara. It makes your lashes much longer, and seperates them. The brush is what does the trick, I think. You can use this if you just want a thinner application, or you can build it up. By far the best drugstore mascara I've used.

Eryn G.
Loved It

I used this product until it was completely empty! I loved how it separated my lashes and made them appear a lot longer. I will eventually go back to using this mascara! I like my lashes to be very dark though, so I had to apply much more than one coat.

Amelie B.

This mascara is great if you want you're lashes to look longer ! It works for me ! (: Be sure to buy it in waterproof ! (; <3

Aislin M.

I really love this product - does everything I need it to do! Nice natural lashes after one coat and a little more definition and length with two. I'm definitely going to repurchase this one - it is my every day mascara

Cortney S.
1 of the best drugstore brands i've come across.

Although 16 bucks is a little pricey for a drugstore brand mascara, I think this is totally worth it. It goes on smooth and is a nice rich color. It has long lasting staying power even without my mascara primer. Perfect for what I like which is a lot of length. I highly recommend this mascara!