Lash Blast Lengthening Mascara


Maria L.
This was made for me!

No matter what mascara I use, I always swipe the wand on a tissue to remove most of the product from the wand. This always allows me to build up the intensity I want on my lashes without getting heavy and clumpy. Cover Girl Lash Blast Lengthening Mascara has eliminated that step. It's a drier formula and the brush head comes out of the tube with no heavy product. The brush head is thin which lets me get ALL of my lashes covered (like Maybelline's Lash Discovery brush but amped up with more bristles). Because it's a drier formula, I apply 3-4 coats for outrageous length without the weight or clumps. This one is a keeper for me!

Kiera J.

I love this mascara! I don't use this for great big volumized lashes. (Which is why I love it) This is great just for a subtle look. Don't buy this if you would love big lashes that stand out though

Katherine L.
Nice but not the best

It's good but not the best. Great for bottom lashes though! The fibres are realistic and the product did lengthen, but not a lot. Great mascara though. The best part is it creates a subtle look and won't overdo things.

Elaina Y.
Doesn't do too much

I decided to try this mascara since it was part of the Lash Blast series and I love those products. This one comes in an interesting package where it tapers at the bottom. It comes with a rubber wand that is really long and skinnier than the other Lash Blast mascara wands. I find that this product has a nice consistancy in the formula. When applying this to my lashes it does help to hold the curls. It defines the lashes well, giving it a bit more length. It does not clump due to the rubber wand, but there is absolutely no volume with this mascara. Even if you apply mulitiple layers, it does not bulid. I did repurchase this mascara because I liked how this helped hold the curl and separate my lashes, but I also layer this with many other mascara products to bulid up my lashes. I also find this to be great to use on my lower lashes, I don't usually wear lower lash mascara, but I find that this one just darkens my lashes slightly to give it a tinted look.

Katherine L.

This mascara is definitely not the best out there. It doesn't make my eyelashes any longer, fuller or prettier, it just heavies it down and doesn't hold the curl. But it does deliver a natural look if you want it.

Raine C.
It did nothing for me

I just expected more. I find that waterproof mascara tends to hold really well. After curling my lashes it seemed to weigh it down. This one didn't work out for me. One positive? I like the rubber applicator. I'm pretty much using other mascaras and using this brush to separate my lashes afterwards. I paid for it, might as well make it useful right? :)

Essie A.
No Length, No Anything...Returned To Store

I purchased this looking for more length than volume, but with some "oomph" overall compared to my normal lashes. I got absolutely nothing. I saw no real difference in color or length, and a few hours later when I went to remove the mascara--it was like it was never there. Evaporation? Alien abduction? No clue, but I promptly took advantage of "satisfaction guarenteed" and got my money back.