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I've been on a drugstore mascara kick and this is one of the best ones I've tried so far! The formula holds curl very well while the brush does a great job of separating the lashes. I prefer this wand to the CoverGirl LashBlast wand because of the tapered end, making it much easier to get corner lashes.

I bought this foundation because of reviews I read here and I was wanting to try some drugstore foundations. I have very oily skin so I was hoping that the oily formula would help control that some. I am usually a mineral foundation kind of gal, but I worked at a cosmetic counter for a very long time and know how to apply liquid foundations properly. This one is very easy to blend and get a smooth coverage. It has medium coverage, but can very easily be built up to full. There are a few things I don't like about it though. First, it seems to make me breakout which may be a side effect of how very difficult this foundation is to remove. Also, it's very hard to get the product out, I dip a q-tip into the bottle and then spread it onto my face. I think I will probably be sticking to my mineral foundation, but this is still a fairly nice liquid.

This is a really good drugstore mascara. It's definitely not my favorite mascara I've ever tried, but when anyone asks me about a cheap mascara that works well this is the one i recommend. It gives a lot of separation and length and also a bit of volume. The brush is a little too big in my opinion, and the fact that the tip of the brush is flat instead of tapered makes it very hard to do bottom lashes and get the lashes in the corner.

Usually I use Mizani ThermaStrength for heat protectant and smoothing, but since it is so expensive and so many people love this product, I decided to try it out as well. It must be very popular because it took me three stores to find it in stock!

The product does work very well at keeping my hair protected from heat. I have very oily hair that tends to get even oilier with products like these, but I definitely haven't experienced that at all. The only thing that would keep me going back to the Mizani product is that this product doesn't smooth as well, with the Mizani I almost don't even have to straighten, but the Tresemme does do a very good job at taming flyaways.

I used this mascara for a while, but have since abandoned it for other things. For me, there was nothing extremely special about this mascara, it wasn't outstanding not was it terrible. Just very middle of the road, but middle of the road is not enough for me to repurchase.

The Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows was really my first introduction to Urban Decay, which is a brand I am obsessed with now. For me, the palette was worth it because I didn't own any other UD shadows, but if you do own a lot, you should definitely make sure you check for repeats. Now that I have many UD palettes my rule is always "If I already own half the shadows in the box, I don't need to buy it" because UD repeats shades so often.

This is one of my favorite bronzers. It has such a smooth texture and is very easy to work with, which is important for a fair skinned gal like myself. It also smells so amazing! Just like chocolate :)

When I bought this mascara, I wasn't sure what to expect. All I knew was that this was the mascara my mom always used ha ha. I bought it and was very surprised to see the brush size, which is incredibly tiny compared to what the standard mascara wand looks like now. Using it on my top lashes doesn't seem to work that well for me, I really don't seem much difference in my lashes, but it works very very well for a bottom lash mascara! I had never thought to have a seperate mascara for my bottom lashes but I do know it's a bit of a trend right now (I think Clinique recently came out with one) and this one really works well for that because of how small the brush is. I am able to get every individual lash and really get into the corners of the lashes well.

I was suprised by how great these shadows were! I have the Blue Had Me At Hello palette and the colors are smooth, pigmented, and easily blended together. It has the perfect combination of colors for a cool blue smokey eye. I even went swimming with these on, I didn't go underwater much, but coming out of swimming, they still looked great! (over primer)

This is my very favorite blush! I am a huge fan of violet scents and this powder definitely has a very nice subtle violet scent to it. The scent really does make me happy! :) I also love the color. It is a bit sheer, but that's fine with me because I prefer sheer blushes. Plus it's so cute to look at!

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