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I had been seeing this in so many magazines and on commercials and thought omg i have to have it, I bought it a week ago and im not supre wowed like i thought i would be. It lengthens, but not nearly as much as they make it seem. I also have had mascaras with fiber extensions like the Blinc mascara and those really you can see the fibers when you clean it off, but with this i have never actually seen any fibers. Its still a good mascara and i would buy it again, but im not as impressed as i thought i would have been with it.

not expecting this at all

I forgot my mascara when on vacation, and didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new one when my "good" ones were back at home. I ran into Rite Aid and went to the NYC stand because i knew their products are usually cheaper in price. I found the Sky Rise mascara for around $2 so i said okay this should due. I used it that night and fell in love, it is now one of my favorite mascaras. I love that the wand is small enough to get all those really hard to get to lashes, and there is no clumping whatsoever, i also feel like my lashes are super duper long when i used this. The formulation is really dark as well and i LOVE that

thank you NYX

I have eyelids that are naturally tinted sort of a reddish color. When i wear eyeshadow with nude bases, but eyelid color still shows through sometimes But with this NYX white base nothing shows through. I absolutely love this stuff. Its also great as a brow bone highlight if you are doing something bold, and even good for a pop of white in the tear duct when doing a dark smokey eye.

yes please !

I had been wanting the naked pallet for ever now, and still have not gotten it. Well I had a gift card to the dermstore for i think about 30 dollars and I saw this palette there. I hadn't heard about it before but thought well its worth a try. OMG i freaking love it !! the colors are great and i have used it on every bride i have had so far this spring. my only complaint is that i wish some of the colors were matte since shimmer doesn't show up the best in bridal photos

one of my favorites

This scent smells okay in the bottle but when it hits my skin the reaction is amazing, it smells so great when its on. I use this a lot for work and non special occasions, its pretty much my everyday scent.

so super cute

I got Too Too for Christmas from my mom. I used to make tu tu's for crafts shows so she bought it thinking it would just be a cute gift. Little did she know im a huge besty Johnson fan and actually really wanted this perfume. It smells really nice and is great for special occasions. I use it when i go on dates or out on the town. The bottle has got to be the cutest bottle ever !


I had been wanting to try this for years but never got around to buying it. My mom ordered me a lot of makeup for Christmas and received a few nice perfume samples and this was one of them. It smells great and i have been using it everyday since received it, I will definitely be buying the full size soon.

old faithful

This is a perfume i have been using since high school. It was one of my firsts and its just such a great classic scent. I was wearing this the day i met my boyfriend 5 years ago and he still talks about how good i smelled ha-ha.


I love this for the eyes, but i use it most for covering scars or moles on brides when i do their makeup. I put it on and then apply foundation over it, It covers most of the time and lasts all day. Great product for a good price


my teenage cousin wanted me to find her makeup for her birthday, I wanted something that was age appropriate so i picked up the caffeine rush for her, she loves it and its easy for her to use

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