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most reached for blush

I bought this about three months ago and its almost hit pan i have used it so much. I love this look on myself but it is great for brides that do not want a whole lot of blush on their wedding day. The smell is amazing and the color payoff is great.

i like to use the pinks as the blush and then the darker colors as a conture color

also the look great all mixed togeather

always with me

I always take this camouflage concealer palette with me on photo-shoots and bridal parties. Every color in the palette does something diffrent, and the green is amazing at covering up and neutralizing blemishes and redness. I actually love using this under my airbrush makeup for extra coverage.

can i marry a machine because im so in love ?? ha-ha

I had wanted a clarisonic for years after seeing a friend of mine using hers. Finally i splurged and got a clarisonic Mia and i use it sooooo much !! I wear a lot of makeup and i remover it with a wipe before using the clarisonic but even using a wipe it does not get the makeup out of your pores. Clarisonic goes down and gets everything !! i have a lot less blackheads and clogged pores since using mine.

i do not like the clarisonic face wash products that come with the kit but the actual machine is a must have !!


I was usuing the MAC makeup remover wipes but my closest MAC store is 45 min away, and i really didnt see going that far for makeup wipes. I went to my local drug store and saw these, and honestly i like them better then MAC and the best part they are CHEAPER !!!

they do not hurt my eyes at all and leave my face with this amazing glow

smells sooo fresh

I work in a salon and when we got this product in i didn't think much of it, and didn't really use it much. One day i had just flat ironed my hair and it had that awful burnt hair smell, i was going on a date and didn't want my boyfriend to be grossed out by my hair smelling like fire ha-ha. I went and sprayed one spray of this on my hair and he kept telling me all night how great i smelled. I agree with Jen C it dosnt really do much to change texture but the smell is great to cover up bad hair smells


I have always struggled with my frizzy curly hair especially in the summer time and at the beach. Some things would work but leave my hair crunchy and very un natural looking. Ouidad climate control makes it look nice and controlled with not frizz, but there is no hardening of the hair. I highly recommend this product to anyone with natural curly hair.

new favorite !!

I just bought the beauty blender about a month ago, but i am already obsessed. I have started using this on my bridal clients and they all have gone out and bought one after the wedding because they were so in love.

puts on makeup so nice and smoothly

favorite hair product

this is my favorite hair care product, i use every time i blow dry my hair and it leaves my hair so smooth silky and restores the health. The smell is absolutely amazing and I have been using it for three years and have never found anything as great.

most reached for product

i use this jumbo pencil ALL THE TIME its a amazing highlighter for brow bone and also great to use near tear duct if doing a smokey eye

i have like 5 just incase i run out ha-ha

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