Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara

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Alyssia C.

I love this product and have used it for years. It stays on all day and makes my eyelashes look super long. Even just putting only this on it makes my eyes pop oils highly recommend!

Alyssia C.

I love this product and have used it for years. It stays on all day and makes my eyelashes look super long. Even just putting only this on it makes my eyes pop oils highly recommend!

Ana B.
Awesome long eyelashes!

I use two coats on my eyelashes on a third on just on the tips. It makes my medium eyelashes look thick and SOO LONG. People have asked me if they were real. I used it in the waterproof formula, and it stays on through tears without clumping your eyelashes together like most waterproof mascaras do and it doesn't smudge.It holds a curl for a decent amount of time. It gives NO volume, which is probably why a lot of people don't like it. The brush is great and makes is small enough to get in my bottom lashes. It can get just a little BIT clumpy, but I personally don't mind. The reason why I gave it 4 stars is because it dries up after using it for a week. Other than that it's travel friendly, and I was able to take it with me on an airplane.

Lindsay H.
Use it everyday

Love this mascara got it for 7$ at target I use the water proof formula and it stays on all day and does not smudge I've actually taken a shower with it on and it doesn't budge but it comes off easily if u use a makeup remover

Makes my lashes look like false lashes spreads then out and makes then look so nice

Dosnt clump either I apply 2 coats to make my lashes more volumes

I love this so much I've gone through 3 of them:)

Eva D.

oh! And to those complaining about spider lashes, you're supposed to use volumizing mascara in conjunction with it! Sorry, but if you don't know how to wear make-up, please don't be hateful and trash the brand!

Eva D.

I absolutely love this mascara! It actually does what it advertises! For any mascara, that's a first! I use this and the Rocket mascara together. My hair is natually red so my eyelashes are long, they're just invisible! Perfect mascara!

Hana K.

I absolutely LOVE this formula. However I'm marking half a star off because I've had this for 2 months now and the packaging is HORRID! The silver flakes fall off and gets stuck in my makeup causing silver flakes on my skin and it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove unless u start over your entire makeup! My friends always asked y I had chunky sparkles on my face; it was this mascara! The flakes are everywhere on my makeup so I had to throw out some of my products including my makeup bag. They should change packaging but the actual formula and wand is fantastic! It NEVER clumps and can be buildable. I accidently bought the waterproof so it is harder to remove but I love this wand and formula.

Isabelle S.

This makes my eyelashes so insanely long its not even funny! There's really only two mascaras I like: this and CoverGirl Clump Crusher. This is better for more dramatic eyes, because the fiber extensions really do work! I love this and will continue to repurchase it(:

Paige M.
Not worth the money, unless you want spider leg lashes.

Maybelline New York Illegal Length Fiber Extensions (Blackest Black) – 3/5 Stars Cost: $18.50 per 6.5 mL tube

Upsides: - When I first used this mascara I absolutely loved it; I thought I’d found the best product ever. It made my top and bottom lashes look HUGE and ready to hit the clubs.

Downsides: - After a few weeks of using this product, it still looks I have lots of long bottom lashes, however the top lashes get clumpy looking no matter what technique I use. - They still look alright and it does lengthen them, but I’ve been told the overall effect looks like “spider legs” so yeah that kind of put me off it a bit. - Also you can’t let them dry between applications otherwise it makes your lashes really hard and flakey.

Cynobia T.

This is the only Mascara I have bought since it came out, Stiletto Mascara was before this, I love what it does to my lashes, whether I'm wear false lashes or my own, it's lengthens and gives them such a great appearances and really opens my eyes wider