Britney Spears



Lauren E.
My favourite perfume!

My mum used to wear this and I loved it - smells just like sweets, I got my own bottle for Christmas and I've worn it ever since. The scent lasts for quite a while and the bottle is very sturdy, I love this!

Leonard S.

This is my favorite Britney scent so far (though I haven't smelled all her perfume, I only have her other perfumes -- Curious & Midnight Fantasy which I think are too sweet & heady). It was a pleasant surprise when I first smelled it. If I didn't know its ingredients, the impression of its smell is something citrusy and musky with a whiff of marshmallow scent which I totally love! Its not too strong or too sweet. Its a perfect day scent and it will remind you of summer days when you smell it.

Latia C.
Such a Nice Scent

I first received this scent a few years ago as a Christmas present from my mom and I've been in love with this scent ever since. Back when I had it, I would wear it everyday on my wrists and neck and the scent would last all day on me. Those around me also liked the scent and since I've run out, I need this back in my life once more. It was my summer scent three years ago and I'm sure it will be my summer scent for 2012 as well.

Trent C.

Britney's BELIEVE is such an amazing step up from all the rest! Of coarse you've got to have the taste for that type of fragrance. All her previous perfumes targeted a younger audience (teens and twenties)... But BELIEVE is the fragrance of the new Britney... Not a girl, but finally a woman. I am so glad that this product came along. It set the stage for all the upcoming amazing fragrances (Radiance, Cosmic Radiance, Hidden Fantasy) ... This fragrance gives off kind of a sexy, yet domesticated feel to it :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Jenna G.
one of my favorites

This scent smells okay in the bottle but when it hits my skin the reaction is amazing, it smells so great when its on. I use this a lot for work and non special occasions, its pretty much my everyday scent.

Ciara M.

It's my least favourite scent from Britney's perfumes. I think 1 spray goes a long way, you can get fed up of this scent very easily. It's nice, I don't think I'd buy it again though.

Lauren C.

i like this smell, but not one of my favorites...its a hard scent to describe, i feel like everytime i wear this my mom asks me what im wearing and that im wearing too much of it if im wearing it..i usually only do two sprays, this is a little stronger..its a good scent to spray in the air and walk into instead of spraying on yourself

Louise-Lesley J.

I'm not sure how one would describe this scent but it is definitely one of my favourites from Britney. I have all her perfumes and I enjoy every one but this one seems more mature than the rest. Not as sweet, more evening than a fun summer day.