Addict Lipcolor


Noemi S.
Love it!!!

The color is great! The best thing about this lipstick is that it's extremely moisturizing and sheer, for this reason it doesn't last super long but it has a little bit of tint in it so that after is gone it leaves a really natural look to the lips

Sarah F.

I have the shade Createur, which is an old pink, blue toned pink. The lipstick is so great... Sheer, and this shade very discreet! It is so easily buildable I can use it for day time at university, just as much as for an evening with gloss on top (or without!). It is so elegant and yet nice to wear, moisturizing... I have very bad skin bcause of genes and my lips tend to be extra dry so this is perfect, I can wear it all day long it stays pretty well, could be better on that point though I guess. I also use it as a blush cream. I apply it fingers and build it up slowly. The smell is amazing, like my mum's lipsticks I used to steal when I was a kid! Well she only had Dior ones haha Really great, I love it and would buy it again.

Elaina Y.

I have this lipstick in the shade Rose Mirage, which is a mauve tone with iridescent purple undertones (like the box the product comes in). I find that the colour is different than anything else that I have, it goes on my lips slightly purple. It's a nice wearable colour. The formula is really great, it's really moisturizing and the colour goes on sheer, but it is buildable. The product also smells nice, instead of the standard lipstick smell, it's a light lotion scent. The packaging of this product I'm in love with, I guess the good designer price comes with detailing. From the pretty box that it comes with to the pack that the lipstick sits in it is chic and well thought out. If you are looking for a spurge worthy lipstick definitely look into Dior lipsticks.

Nadia N.
smoothest lipstick

I love this lipstick and I think its the pinnacle of all lipsticks and even designer ones. This lipstick is pigmented yet sheer but very moisturizing. It never feels drying on the lips. The only downside of course is the price and seems to have less in the tube than other lipsticks. Its definitely a splurge but the feeling against the lips and look it gives is so worth it. It also has a glossy look to the color on the lips. If you add the gloss then its really shows off the lipstick's luscious look.