Benefit Cosmetics

Crescent Row Fragrance Collection


Rebecca D.

These perfumes are great for all four seasons! 'Laugh with me LeeLee' is a very gentle wintery fragrance that could work great in any season, yet when you put on this fragrance and go out in the winter snow, it will make you feel warm inside. ''My place or yours Gina' is a very musky scent that goes well with the earthy scenery and scents of Autumn. 'Ring my Bella' in my opinion, is a very nice spring fragrance. Its very floral and is personally, my favourite fragrance of the set. 'Garden of good and Eva' is also very floral, however it also has some fruity scents to it and is the fragrance I am wearing at the moment.

I 100% recommend these perfumes :) Rebecca xx

Elaina Y.
Great little collection

I got this product to sample as a prize. I really like the selection of mini perfumes that it comes with. I think that this product has a great range of different smells, everything from floral, vanilla musk, to sweeter fruit scents. This product would be great as a gift for something, since it has such a good range there should be something for anyone in this collection. I think the packaging is adorable, makes for a great gift, each of the bottle are in the shape of cute martini shakers, but they do not have spray nozzles on them. The scents do actually last for a long time, it also remains smelling nice as it wears down, I would recommend this product if you are interested in trying new perfume scents or if you want to give the gift of perfume but you aren't too sure of what the person may or may not like.

Favourite scent: Garden of Good and Eva and Laugh with Me Lee Lee

Mew T.

I love the scent so much!!! It smells soooo good and everytime I use it, I get a compliment. The only downside is that it doesn't stay on well. It wears off pretty quick!