Purpose Skincare

Gentle Cleansing Wash


Emily  M.
love love love!

I really like this cleanser! it's just a normal cleanser to remove makeup and wash your face, not for acne or anything. it works amazing at removing makeup and doesn't break me out! it also leaves my face nice and soft! totally recommend it for anyone who is looking for a gentle cleanser. you can even use it on your eyes! doesn't burn. and it was only like $6!

Laura H.
Just as good as REN, and the expensive brands!

I'm a nineteen year old, fair skinned girl. I've had acne as long as I remember (not terrible, but quite a few pimples!) I've used EXPENSIVE brands, proactiv acne-free, and REN. REN from sephora is AMAZING but soo costly. And once you get into a routine and change it for one day I would break out. Using this which is about $8 at rite aid, or walmart (anywhere basically) this doesn't break me out! It's gentle and dermetologist reccommended! I would highly suggest this if you're looking for a low-cost EFFECTIVE way to help your acne and clear your skin!

Natalie C.
Never Feel Guilty Purchasing This Product

I don't necessarily have sensitive skin at all, but I love how gentle it is and it never strips my skin its natural oils. Gel cleansers tend to strip more oil off the skin, but this cleanser only gets rid of the unwanted. I especially like it in the summer time when my skin is oilier. It never stings my eyes, but I wouldn't use it to get rid of heavy makeup on my skin or eyes. Since it is so gentle, I can use it multiple times per day and never end up with dry, tight skin. Did I mention it's cheap?!?!

Janice E.
best drugstore cleanser ever!!

I got sensitive/combination skin and this cleanser works!you dont need too much of it and last a very long time.Every time I've used it it has never irritated my skin and my boyfriend uses it too and he has oily skin and has noticed the difference in his!!so for any skin type it don't strip your pores and makes you skin feels so clean and soft.I've been using this product for 3 years now.HG item!!

Deanna C.
perfect for all skin types!!

my skin is delicate and complicated at times an ive been using this for over 4 years now!! recommend especially to anyone with sensitive skin!! This is my everyday cleanser and takes of access makeup that my makeup remover left behind such as residue or the oil feeling on my face.

Ning C.

This is a great everyday face wash if you have sensitive skin. On days that I've applied major sunscreen or makeup I feel like I need to use an oil-based pre-cleanser (like Shu Uemura Brightening Oil Cleanser), but this is a good general face wash that doesn't irritate. It leaves my skin soft and smooth but not overstripped.