Perricone MD

No Foundation Foundation


Eunice K.
Sheer, moisturizing, sticky, shade is not universal

This is a very strange product in that it's a 'foundation' that's only intended to even out the skin tone, and not cover anything. When I first read about it, I could not imagine how it worked. It sounded impossible -- wouldn't you be covering up discolorations in order to even out the skin tone? But that was probably their marketing strategy, and it worked, because I bought it. And now that I've used it for a few months now, I can say that there is no other way of describing it.

If you want to get the 'foundation look' with this, which I do on days where I'm doing things more important than just dropping by the grocery store, you can put on two layers of this product and conceal areas that you need to. This will give you all the coverage that you need. But if you're looking for just a very lightly covered look, slap on one layer, spot conceal where needed, and you'll have an incredibly natural no-makeup look. That's where this product excels the most. Because if you kept using it for the foundation look, you will be using a lot of product for an effect that you can easily get with one pump of a regular foundation. And at this price, you are better off going with regular foundation. But if you want something that makes your skin look somewhat better, but completely like your skin, this is what this product's for. Completely undetectable once it's on, except for its incredibly dewy finish. I definitely need some loose powder on top of this simply because this dewiness is just too much for me (way past glowy to the point of almost greasy looking) and as an oily-skinned girl, excessive dewiness freaks me out. It is very moisturizing though, so at least there's that (there are so many products that are dewy but drying, and those are the worst of the worst).

What more is that this product is also weirdly sticky. Without powder, it won't set, and will feel very *there*. As in you know it's still on your face kinda feeling. I deal with it because it gives such a natural-looking finish, and because I always, always set it with powder.

Going on a abrupt switch here (because I am obviously terrible at segues), the idea of a 'universal' shade always makes me laugh. No, this is not universal. It is sheer, yes, and will suit many skin tones. However, it is most definitely not universal. If you are very pale, this might be too dark, and if you are very dark, this might look ashy. The shade itself, though sheer, is a neutral medium color. I have a warm medium skin tone, so the color works for me, but yeah, not everyone.

So, even though this product has its pitfalls, I still give it a 4-star rating because this is exactly how it was advertised. If Perricone MD said this was a high-coverage foundation, I'd be pissed. But no, they literally tell you that it's a 'foundation' that's not a foundation, so they're living up to expectations. However, I took half a star off for that awful stickiness (once, I didn't set it with powder just to see what it's like, and it was actually sticky for the entire day) and another half a star off for that 'universal shade' claim which is simply untrue. So if you have good skin and are just looking for something quick and easy that you can slap on with your hands as you're heading out the door, this is for you. You could also just add a drop of foundation to your favorite moisturizer for the same results without setting your wallet on fire. For everyone else, a 'foundation' foundation will probably be more satisfying.

Jennifer R.
Part of an equation!

My skin got super scary dry this winter, so I became VERY limited in the foundation/cover up I could use... This was originally not my first choice, but I found it was the only thing I could use without my face looking like cracked clay! So, here's the deal - it's expensive, and looks weird and orange'y when you first put it on. I agree with the earlier review that it doesn't offer very much coverage, and your skin has to be in pretty decent shape (I have some unevenness, but haven't had to tackle any major breakouts since I've started using this...) HOWEVER - I've built a secret formula around it that works wonderfully for me! I mix one pump of the Perricone, a tiny bit of the Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer, and a tiny bit of the Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer. I feel with this mix, my skin just looks very clear with a tiny glow from the Illuminizer.

Romee H.
No Foundation Foundation is not Foundation

First of all Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation is not foundation. It's sheer than tinted moisturizer. basically no coverage, so you need to have the perfect skin to get benefit of using this foundation(I have acne scars and freckles so I need some coverage to correct my skin tone) . This foundation comes one shade, it suppose to blend like your skin color. Because this foundation have no coverage i added some other foundation, the color totally changed. Either really light or really dark depends on color of foundation i add on it brings on the more of color. All the benefits of this foundation sounds really good but its not works for me and i would not recommend this small jar of $50 no foundation foundation to people my age.

Ning C.

This shade is slightly dark for my complexion, but it's perfect when I blend it over a sunscreen that leaves a white cast on my skin (like physical sunblocks that I like to use because they're less irritating to my sensitive skin). The only problem is that it does tend to get greasy when layered over the sunscreen, so I have to use blotting papers in the T-zone after I first apply it, but then I'm good to go for the rest of the day.