Beauty Product Reviews

smooth and light

I have pretty sensitive lips that will peel and flake easily so I'm cautious about what lip products I use. Nivea's milk and honey is perfect! soothes my lips and keeps them feeling soft and moisturized.

awesome straightener

I recently purchased the GHD, initially I was a little dubious about the lack of a temperature control button however it has won me over. My hair stays straight and smooth not to mention nice and shiny without feeling like I fried it.


Best eyeliner I have ever used! It does what it promises stays all day, does not smudge, very intense color, and super easy to use. The tip is very thin so it's a cinch to get those precise lines and you can adjust to create more drama.

best mascara

I love LOVE LOVE this mascara. Have I mentioned that I love it?! The brush is as the name implies skinny and allows you to really get every lash and the fact that it comes in a squeeze tube is ingenious as I feel like I waste less product at the end. This will not smudge and is very water resistant but comes off easily with soap and water. No smudge no mess no fuss. It is a beautiful thing.

love it

I was wary of attempting to do my brows on my own always feeling like it was necessary to go to a professional to get them shaped etc. However once I tried this brow kit wow it is truly amazing. Anastasia provides clear concise instructions on how to create the perfect brow at home. It is quick and easy and make a huge difference in how you look overall. I highly recommend the product.

peachy pink prettiness

I bought the NARS blush in orgasm quite some time ago I'd say about...almost 2-3 years and I've barely finished half of it which is awesome in terms of money well spent! I do love the color it looks very flattering on and although not SUPER pigmented it is a buildable color. I would recommend getting them they are great quality and long lasting.

amazing foundation

I really love this tinted moisturizer. I generally despise liquid foundations because they feel so mask like on my face but this is incredibly light I can't tell I have it on at all and it gives me such a flawless complexion. I generally don't break out too much so I can't say it will cover everything but it's perfect for evening out my skin tone if I have any redness. I have combination skin that errs on the oily side.

love it!

I picked this up over the summer and loved it! light coverage or as a setting powder it works great both ways. I appreciate the packaging mac went with giving the sponge a separate compartment. It's handy to carry around for touch ups or to check your teeth and decently priced.

Love it :D Everything about the shampoo its funky texture, the citrus-y scent. It definitely does what it promises to do though I wouldn't recommend using it more than a few times a week, the sea salt will be a bit drying, I got a few more split ends than I usually get but nothing a good conditioner won't fix.

good price great product

A great flat iron for a very decent price, I picked mine up at folica on a promotion for about $80. It heats up in seconds and is a breeze to use. I also liked the swivel cord (no annoying tangles!) There is a dial to adjust the heat settings to your desired temperature and a light indicator to let you know when the iron is ready to be used. I usually set it about 340 just so I can get things done quicker. Overall I'm loving the sedu I think it's a great buy.

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