A Kiss Of Milk And Honey Soothing Lip Care

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Drey Z.
keeps lips moisturized

I love this I repeatedly purchase it when I run out I use it almost everyday I love it. it leaves my lips soft and ever since I started using this I haven't experienced dry lips and the smell is nice too

Amelia M.

This lip balm is one of my many favorites! I love the smell first off. Secondly, it leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft. And it doesn't leave any waxy stuff or residue behind which is nice.

Whitney  B.
My new fav lip balm

I love this stuff, It actually works! Seals my lips with moisture which I need because of the winter time. Feels smooth & I don't have to keep reapplying it. A little goes a long way!

Heather I.
my fave!

I love the honey Nivea balm. It's my go-to lip balm. I haven't tried the newest one yet though. Nivea should make a variety pack with all the different balms. I would so be on that in a second.

Whit H.
Love it!

I have tried most drug store brands & nothing is better for me. I top it off with a lip color (clinique almost lipstick or many revlon varities) and I'm golden all day.

Lilly A.
Just Like Everything Else

When I bought this product I was so excited to use it. I found it was super great and I found myself using it often. I didn't like the smell though, and just like every other lip product I own if I used it to often in a day it didn't cure my chapped lips.

Joice P.
Soft feel

I liked the soft feel it had, but I noticed after a while it began to feel tacky and I needed to remove the product and reapply. It smells nice and doesn't leave a white film on the inside ring of your lip like some other products do. It was nice while it lasted. My tube didn't survive a trip through the washer (oops!). I wouldn't rush out to buy more.

Jenna W.

This lip balm smells so lovely! It's extremely moisturizing and lasts ages, it also looks very natural - it doesn't give too much shine making it perfect for everyday use. It even works underneath lipsticks to stop your lips drying out as you can't even notice it.

Margaret L.
smooth and light

I have pretty sensitive lips that will peel and flake easily so I'm cautious about what lip products I use. Nivea's milk and honey is perfect! soothes my lips and keeps them feeling soft and moisturized.

Lauren M.
Light feel and smells great!

I love this lip balm! It has a very light feel to it so I think it's more of a lip balm for summer. It smells like honey and lasts for awhile. I highly recommend it!